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Pinterest-Inspired Christmas Wrap

Wrapping paper is one of my weaknesses.  I can’t get enough of it.  So when I recently got a roommate and had to downsize my craft room into a craft corner, I took an oath not to buy any wrapping paper this holiday season.  This was also a financially-friendly way to reduce some holiday stress.

I fell in love with this image I found on Pinterest (where else?).


Pinspiration here.

It was a perfect fit for my wrapping-paper embargo since I already had neutral-colored wrap and lots of burlap left over from a certain handsome guy’s first birthday party.

So away I went. I used a lot of chipboard letters I was given in a craft kit one year for Christmas.

P Gift

blue ribbon

I incorporated some scrapbook letters I bought at the thrift store in the summer, which included four full sets for $1 or so.

M and J Gift



The pinwheels from the pinspiration above really got me excited me.  Hot glue gun in hand, I had many sticky failures.  This was one of the two survivors and was still a little too tight and split at the end.  Too bad for E.

E Gift

B Gift

I purchased an old dictionary from the thrift store this summer for some craft project that never was completed.  So when I saw this image, I knew I could put that dictionary to at least some use.


Pinspiration found here.

I didn’t stamp mine because I used the Christmas page of the dictionary.  (How clever I think I am!)

Dictionary Gift

Dictionary Closeup

Just another reminder that I’m so glad I learned to sew!

I only needed to make one Christmas card.  Being limited to what I had on hand, I set out to recreate this Pin.


Pinspiration found here.

For the ten minutes I spent on it, I don’t think it turned out half bad.


I stuffed some boxes with some tinsel I had laying around from an Alvin and the Chipmunks party I threw two years ago! I know there is just no need to hang on to tinsel for two years but I did just that.

red gift

Green Gift

Who else loves wrapping? Any one ever tried a pinwheel? Oy vey!



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