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Living in High Gloss: Finding a Mantel

In order to implement our magazine dreams, the first thing that had to go was our bulky tv and our old-school, weaksauce fireplace.

Why, yes! This is an iPhone photo.  Pretend it is crisp.

We’d been looking for a mantel for awhile and it was not going well. Mantels are expensive!  After about six months of looking periodically, Doug and I were both excited when he stumbled across this $150 (unfinished) beauty.

One drive to Provo later, it was ours.  My family happens to be in the wood business and I have it on good authority that we couldn’t have bought the raw wood for that amount.

With mantel in tow, it was time to implement our solution to a poorly-organized living room.   After cleaning out all of our mess, this was what we were looking at.

Do not fear sad little fireplace! You’re on your way to becoming a show stopper!

My brother, one of the family wood gurus, fancied up our new mantel in black with a burnout finish. (Is that even the technical term?)  We also moved our flat screen tv from the basement and ditched the bulky one.

Here’s a preview before we secured it to the wall.  (Yes, our chairs are holding it up.)

Bigger is better, yes?

But getting the mantel is only half the battle.  Stay tuned for more details!

Want to see the project to the end?  Click here to see how we created the hearth, click here to see how we tiled the surround, and click here to see the final project!



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