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“Time Flies” Airplane-Themed First Birthday Party

Last week I had to give you a sneak peak of this first birthday party I decorated for one airplane-loving toddler.

This may be the most adorable pilot the world’s ever seen – so it was my job to make sure his party was as smashing as he is!

The invites, photographed and designed by the birthday boy’s mom, set the “Time Flies” theme for his birthday.

The birthday boy came ready to party in his aviator outfit and he invited his friends to do the same.  (It was, after all, the day for trick or treating!)

Even Weston’s parents came in aviator gear.  His Mom was a striking Amelia Earhart and his Dad was one killer Ice Man from Top Gun.

For those adults that didn’t dress up (myself included) I provided TSA agent lanyards.

Upon entering, guests were instructed to fasten their seat belts for this rockin’ party!

A photo of Weston awaited his guests in the entry way.

Guests were also able to quickly check their “baggage.”

The paper products for the party used the same map-style paper from the local scrapbook store.

I designed one of the tables using salt and pepper shakers from the dollar store.

For the cake table, I made paper airplanes that hung alongside tissue pom pom clouds.  (I’ll know next time to hang the airplanes closer toward the back so they hang level. Who knew?)

I made the cake stand from boxes wrapped in packing paper and tied with baking twine.  I offered peanuts in both the roasted and salted varieties.

The cupcakes were delicious! These clever cooks used an Oreo cookie in the bottom of each cupcake liner.

I incorporated the theme on the straw flags.  These straws are my absolute favorite.

I also used paper airplanes for other table decor.  (By the way, paper airplanes are not easy to make!)

I hung several vintage travel posters for New Zealand, where the birthday boy’s grandparents are from.

I also created a photo booth that was intended to look like an airplane.

Each child received a wooden kit to make and paint their own airplane.  I displayed each favor in sacks adorned with vintage travel labels.  I lined them up in old suitcases I bought from the thrift store.

I think the birthday boy had a good time!



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Even a Man Can Party Plan

A few weeks ago Doug’s niece celebrated her 7th birthday in a Hannah Montana-inspired pink rock star birthday.  (Remember the cake stands I made here? This party was their debut.)

I was out of town for the party so Doug stepped up to the party planning post. I gave him the materials and here’s how he did.

Inside these pink favor boxes were audio CDs full of kid-friendly pop songs.

(By the way, Doug had no part of making such a beautiful cake. Katie’s Dad is an excellent chef!)

The banner says “Katelyn Rocks!”

How’d Doug do? (I think he rocked.)


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DIY Cake Stand for Under $5

I’m throwing a Hannah Montana rock star party for a group of seven year olds.

Go ahead and really marinate in that.

Now that you’ve gotten past the initial shock, let me convince you that this party can have a healthy dose of pink without being nauseating.  But don’t take my word for it! Check back soon for the final details.

In the meantime, let me show you one way that I will incorporate pink in a cheap, trendy way: cake stands.  You can’t find any pink cake stands or other displays without spending a fortune.  But you can create your own for just pennies.

Start with a plate from the thrift store.  Mine cost .50 cents.  Measure the width both ways to find the center of the plate.  We marked the center with a dry erase marker.

While you’re at the thrift store, pick up a candle stick holder.  I chose two of these – a green one and a purple one.

Using gorilla glue, spread a thin line of glue on the rim of the candlestick holder.  Press the candlestick holder on the plate so that the candlestick holder is centered over your center mark.

Yes, that is not me applying the Gorilla Glue.  I don’t think Doug trusts me with strong adhesives.

When the glue is dry, apply a coat of primer.  (Just to be safe, I applied two coats.)  Then spray paint the stand with the color of your choice.

I’m thrilled with the final product.

Cost breakdown for two cake stands:

  • 2 plates at .50 cents each: $1
  • 2 candlesticks at $1 each: $2

Total cost? $3, not including paint.

Stay tuned to see the cake stand debut at this crazy party!


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