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Dinosaur Hoodie

For my nephew’s first birthday I made him a dinosaur hoodie inspired by the tutorial found here.


I was a little nervous sewing with felt but the tutorial was super easy to follow.  I used a plain hoodie from Wal-Mart that cost about $8.  (The hood lining was orange so that’s how I picked the color for the scales.)

First, make triangles along the crease of your felt pieces.

Then pin the pieces along the center line of the back of the hoodie and up the center of the hood.  Sew down the center line.

Hint: Don’t panic when disaster strikes.

Now that the triangles are sewn to the hoodie, pin them together to make scales.

Sew along the edges of the felt triangles to secure the scales in place.

Lastly, prance around in your hoodie to make all your cousins jealous.



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