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On Location: Surf Party on a Beach

Last weekend we went to Lake Powell.  The trip happened to fall a week after my uncle’s birthday, a week after my Grandma retired, on my birthday, and the day before my cousin’s birthday.

A celebration was clearly in order.

But how do you plan a party on a trip where you pack in everything you need and pack out all of your waste?  My family does not appreciate transporting  heavy bags.  This was going to be tricky, but I wasn’t going to waste a perfectly good time to party.

Lake Powell’s sandy beaches inspired me to plan a surf party. I drew inspiration from this Retro Surf Party on Hostess Blog. That party is so totally cool – but I had to limit my expectations right away. I would never be able to design a party of that magnitude on a houseboat.  Because I had to pack in and pack out each piece I brought, I thought long and hard about what I was taking.

To turn the houseboat into a surf shack, I painted a sign on a foam board from the dollar store.  (The dream would have been to paint signs on actual wood planks.)  The poster board sign, however, was easily disposable.

I also threw up a net and some plastic sea creatures.

A few beach balls would have hung out on the shore if the wind didn’t kick up.

I hastily painted these wooden surf boards from the dollar store.

I used chalkboard paint for the first time to create this surf report.  I painted it right onto the foam board from the dollar store and it worked just fine.

I named a beach after my Grandma’s recent achievement.

And just for a little variety, we needed a dangerous beach as well.

I used two pieces of scrapbook paper to display the menus.  The front page is actually a transparency with the surfboard only. I put it in front of a blue piece of cardstock to make it stand out.

Pardon the flash.  Until I tackle number 12 on my 30 Before 30 list, I don’t  have the requisite Photoshop skills to edit it out.

In Lake Powell, we have one table and it needs to hold enough food for 15 people to dish up. To keep my spatial impact minimal, I filled vases with sand from the beach and put a fake palm leaf in each.

I placed them on some retro-looking scrapbook paper to really create a centerpiece on the table.

I also created a sign for the bar area.  (I didn’t even need Photoshop for this one!)  And do you recognize that frame?  Yup, it’s the same one I used on the table for the Alvin and the Chipmunk party.  It’s amazing what a one dollar frame and some white paint can accomplish.

I also put out several koozies that fit the mood.  I found them at Michaels for 40 percent off of $1.50.  I used them to hold drink stirrers and drink umbrellas.

I created individual drink name tags because those red cups are pretty generic.  There were different images – a female surfer for the girls and a male for the boys.

For dessert, I made jello shots.  To make the shots travel friendly, I made the jello set up inside the shells of oranges. The halves were cut into quarters once we got to Lake Powell and the oranges thrown away.

Stay tuned for a post on how-not-to-make-jello-in-oranges.  Other bloggers make it look deceivingly easy and the truth needs to be out there.

What’s your favorite way to eat jello?



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