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Black and White Bachelorette Party

I recently helped my sister throw a fabulous bachelorette party for her soon-to-be-wed BFF.  A month or so ago we picked a Black and White theme and I put together this decor board.

We wanted the invites to set a classy but trendy tone.  I hadn’t yet given in to the recent damask surge in either my home decor or party planning, but this was clearly the time.  The Michaels wedding section had this invite kit and it was only $25 with the coupon from the Sunday paper.

I compared the price with pre-cut invites at my favorite scrapbook store and this kit, which included envelopes, was far cheaper.  Since we did not have time to spare, the kit was also far more practical.  We picked out a less traditional font and whipped up an eye-catching party preview.

Please pardon the poor photo.  Please fault my sister’s weak-sauce camera phone.

The text read:

It’s time for the girls to mix and mingle

These are her last days of being single

Time is ticking and the bells will soon chime

Let’s go out and get crazy

While there is still time!

With our guests ready to party, the planning began.  Because the party was at a local piano bar, the decor had to be low to the table so it wouldn’t obstruct anyone’s view.

The bride’s chair was adorned with a black and white boa, which I hope she wore all night long.

The other girls received plain white boas.

By the way, these boas weren’t the best quality but they were cheap, cheap, cheap.  Check out Halo Heaven if you’re ever in the market.  Back before my Fancy Nancy dreams were quashed I was planning on buying boas and tea party hats there.

The table runner I so-proudly made was displayed over a solid black tablecloth.  A local bakery, the same one I used for the Safari Baby Shower, prepared black and white cupcakes for the occasion.  (The bakers even did half white cake and half chocolate just for kicks.)

Don’t you love the two-tiered cake stand?  I bought it in North Ogden at the Desert Industries, a local thrift store, for $1.  That’s right friends.  $1.

We dropped Gerber Daisies in short, square vases that I bought from the dollar store for, you guessed it, $1 each.

I was planning on using Spider Mums but my local Harmons did not have them in stock as it usually does.  I couldn’t help but be slightly defeated.  Aren’t they a pretty flower?

Image found here.

The girls had a great time and the bride-to-be had an awesome last night out.

The whole idea of decorating a table at a bar initially scared me a bit.  But didn’t it turn out lovely for how easy and simple it was?



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