Real Parties


“Time Flies” Airplane Birthday Party

It helps to have a professional photographer design the invitations for her son’s first birthday party.  Once the birthday boy’s Mom came up with the “Time Flies” theme, the rest was a cinch!  We found some vintage airplanes for decor and used a paper with a vintage map for the banner.  After eating some amazing cupcakes, guests left with an airplane kit to build at home. See the whole party here.

Safari-Themed Baby Shower: Wild About Cole

Baby Cole was honored in a wild way! Guests received a passport invitations to an exotic safari getaway.  Decor included sand, straw, grass and feathers and, of course, zebra stripes.  A burlap banner – strung together with rope – announced the theme, “Wild About Cole.”  After good food and good times, guests left with safari “souvenirs,” jungle-animal shaped cookie cutters.  See the whole party here.

Rock Star 8th Birthday Party

Rock and roll, baby! A homage to the birthday boy’s new guitar, this party was for VIPs only.  The guests arrived to a star-studded parade down the red carpet and were pampered with swag.  They dined on top of vintage records and record covers and were entertained by the birthday boy’s mad guitar skills. See the whole party here.

Twins’ First Birthday Party: Thing 1 and Thing 1

When it’s a first birthday party for twins everything must be twice as fun!  Thing 1 and Thing 2 from Dr. Seuss’ Cat in the Hat were the guests of honor at this celebration.  The girls were adorned with tutus and crowns in blue and red, the predominant colors in the book.  Entrance decor included pinwheels and a memory board.  Dining tables and the food buffet were also decorated with similarly-colored elements, including ostrich feathers, Gerber daisies, and vintage lollipops.  See the whole party here.

Sports-Themed 10th Birthday Party

This 10 year old birthday boy paid homage to all things sports on his first day in the double digits.  This little guy has his hand in almost every sport out there, so we worked hard to incorporate all different athletic events.  Concessions, team paraphernalia, and some stylin’ decor made these party guests feel like they’d scored big time!  See the whole party here.

Black and White Bachelorette Party

A local piano bar hosted this bride and her maids for a simple black and white themed bachelorette party.  The ho-hum bar tables were transformed with black table clothes and a no-sew damask runner.  In order to ensure that all the other tables could see over those crazy bachelorettes, we kept the decor low by using black and white cupcakes and floating flowers as the only decor.  (This also left lots of room for drinks.)  See the whole party here.

Alvin and the Chipmunks Party

This four year old must have a little crush on Alvin because she wanted an Alvin and the Chipmunks birthday party.  Color me surprised that she had no interest in the Chipettes!  I focused the party around the three main colors that each chipmunk wears – red, blue, and green.  The vases were cheap finds at the thrift store and only cost pennies more for images I printed at home.  The paper treat cones were the most difficult project but only because I weighed them down too much with peanuts.  A for Alvin! See the full post here.

College Graduation Party

Let’s keep things simple, shall we? This was a no fuss University of Utah graduation celebration.  The scrapbook store was key for this party – University of Utah paper ended up being the go-to decor on everything from vases to the beverage dispenser.  Oh, and don’t forget anything red.  Go Utes! See the party here.

Surf Party (on a Beach)

Why not celebrate the surf on the beach?  This was no common celebration – it encompassed three birthdays, a retirement, and was held on the beaches of Lake Powell.  While this limited the extent of the party, it didn’t limit the extent of the fun! See the whole party here.

Can’t wait for my next party? Me either! Keep reading for my next adventure in party planning! I promise there’s more to come.


3 responses to “Real Parties

  1. Mom

    I love these mini clips of all your parties that is so cool, I just noticed it. Can’t wait to see the sunshine party pics.

  2. I love these mini clips of all your parties that is so cool, I just noticed it. Can’t wait to see the sunshine party pics.

  3. Boopathi

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