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Succulent Gifts in Thrifted Goblets

These pots need to make their debut to the word. One, because they’re adorable. Two, I needed a way to thank See Kate Sew for these awesome printables and I couldn’t figure out how to leave a comment on the post. She created these tags for Valentine’s Day but they’re perfect for Administrative Assistant’s Day, which sneaks right up on me every year. These “My life would succ without you” tags for succulents fit perfectly. Find the link here.





Give love to Kate over on her site.


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Trouble in the Hen House

Growing up I thought all succulent plants succed sucked.  (Get it? Succulents succ? I should be a comedian.)  About two years ago I started to appreciate the beauty of all succulents, including Hens and Chicks.  I don’t know the fancy schmancy botanical name but this plant is named for the large succulent in the middle (the hen), which  is surrounded by the smaller succulents (the chicks).

In all but one of the gardens in the world, they look like this:

Image found here.

In our yard, however, the Hens and Chicks look like this:

I really can’t wrap my head around what happened here.  As far as I’m concerned we got a big ole dud. Doug says it must not get enough sun so it is just stretching really tall.

Am I living in the Twilight Zone?


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Peony Season

I hadn’t heard of Peonies until I moved in with Doug.  He has two Peony plants but his neighbors have tons.  All throughout the older neighborhood Peonies thrive.

It wasn’t until I started dabbling in party planning did I learn that Peonies are such a prized flower.  It makes sense – they are full of luscious layers and they are in full bloom for only a week or so.  (At least in our yard.)  Since they come and go so fast, this year I wanted to follow them from Spring to Summer.

Don’t their folds look like tissue paper? They are such a delicate flower – sadly, most of ours are already gone – Peony petals are spread all over our lawn from the fierce wind.

Hello, Goodbye Peonies.


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Daffodil Days at Red Butte Gardens

This weekend we went to Red Butte Gardens to see the blooming Daffodils.  I’ve never really paid much attention to Daffodils before this weekend but now I really love them.

My twin nieces thought the flowers smelled so good!

We only have tulips planted – do you have any Daffodils in bloom?

P.S. All these photos were taken on my iPhone with the Camera+ App.  What do you think?


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How Much Wood Can Doug Chuck?

In November, part of the huge tree in our front yard collapsed during a windstorm.   (Maybe you remember how Doug wore his shorts while cleaning it up? If not you can see it here.)

Doug was able to saw off the lowest limbs but he couldn’t safely reach the tops.  He hired some folks with a tall truck to saw the limbs down.

But – Clever Doug – he chose to save some bucks by hauling the limbs out on his own.  It was quite a sight to watch him dragging them behind him to the backyard, where they withstood the winter.

This weekend Doug set out to clean up the limbs, armed with a chainsaw and a wood chipper. First he cut the biggest pieces into logs for fire wood.

Then he positioned the wood chipper so that the chips would propel into our future vegetable garden, where he believes they will fertilize the soil.

The sad part of this whole plan? That hole for the limbs to be chipped was about the size of a grapefruit.  Poor Doug stood there while he was pushing limb through limb through that hole.    But even that couldn’t keep a smile from his face . . .

Who uses wood chips for fertilizer?


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April Showers Bring April Tulips

And now a short ode to one of our few tulips, which lost its blooms this week.

Cheers to May’s flowers!


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It’s a Christmas Miracle! (In March)

Our Christmas Cactus marches to the beat of his own drum.  After all, Christmas is sooo cliche.   So ours blooms in March.

Better late than never, I say.

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