DIY Mustache Mugs and/or Rorschach Blot Test

You’ve seen them on Pinterest.  They are just so charming and look so easy to make.  So I decided to make mustache mugs for the office staff at work.


Image and tutorial found here

Unfortunately for me, this was a bit of a Pinterest fail. I bought these mugs at Ikea for $1 each and used a glass paint pen to outline a cardboard stencil I created of the mustaches.

Instead, I advised the girls to consider the mugs as more of a Rorschach blot test.  You know, the psychological test designed to figure out what’s bothering you by showing you an inkblot of nonsense and asking what you see?

I think the one below resembles a crab but another popular answer is a muscle man flexing.


What do you see in these inkblot tests?







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2 responses to “DIY Mustache Mugs and/or Rorschach Blot Test

  1. Lauren

    I think these are GREAT! You did a wonderful job :) And I had never seen that “Pinterest FAIL” board before – HILARIOUS!

  2. mom

    Okay, #1 muscle man, #2 and #3 look like you could put a Beatles face under them, #4 the best for a mustache and #5 looks like a bikini top.

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