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No. 24 :Exercise Enough to Lose a Bra Size – Or Two

Today marks exactly one year since I joined the Weight Watchers online program. Today I celebrate a 42 lb. lighter Tasha. (To toot my own horn, my physician saw me a month before I “formally” started and has me 5 lbs ahead, making my weight loss at 47 lbs. Holla!)

At left: “Take a picture of me.  This is the heaviest I’ll ever be.”

At right: “I took classier vacations last year.”

At 29 years old, it has been my very first foray into weight loss and it has been a great one. For those of you who are interested have time to kill, here is what I’ve learned.

Why Weight Watchers Works For Me

I had reached the Dreaded Deuce – the big 200 lbs. How did this happen right before my eyes?! It happened mostly because I never paused to learn just how poorly I was eating.  (Oh Smash Burger.  How I miss you.)  Sure, I took college nutrition freshman year but that was too complicated to remember.  Macro and micro nutrients? Ergogenics? Electrolyte balance? I’m stressed out just reading those words.

With Weight Watchers, every food is given a number based on fat, carbohydrates, protein and fiber.  There’s a handy calculator and bar code scanner right on my phone.  One number makes the process simple enough for dumb, lazy humans like me.  (Hmm.  This food bad.  That food worse.  Walking= Some free chocolate.)  See? It simplifies things.

Also, no “diet” is going to work for me if I can’t eat chocolate.  (Specifically chocolate cake, if you need to thank or flatter me.)

Weight Watchers lets me eat chocolate cake.  That had me at hello.

The Numbers Game

To this day, I have never owned a scale. I weigh in once (and only once) a week on the scale we have at work.  I believe the scale can be a slippery slope to self hatred and unhealthy obsession.  We know when our bodies have had enough and are begging for healthier foods and exercise.

The flip side of this, of course, is that without the scale I ignored the fact that my 5’3’’ frame was supporting all 200 of those l-bs.

So I have reached a truce with the scale.  It serves an important purpose – a reminder of the consequences of our choices and encouragement to choose better in the future.  But it is not part of my daily routine and that number does not define who I am.

Staying Motivated

I have a healthy self image. I truly like myself at 155 and I truly liked myself at 197.  My weight doesn’t tell you anything about me.  It doesn’t convey what kind of friend I am.  My weight doesn’t tell you how I treat people less fortunate than me.  My weight doesn’t tell you that I don’t judge people.

My healthy self image is part of the reason that this year hasn’t been particularly agonizing for me.  My ultimate happiness didn’t hinge on huge, unrealistic losses every week.  I was thankful for each little bit lost because over time it added up to 42! Slow and steady wins the race (and takes you from size 18 to size 12)!

So let me take this minute to give a shout out to my Mom.  Thank you for never nit picking your weight in front of me, for never criticizing what I was eating, and for generally ignoring the word “diet”.  Thank you for praising my accomplishments and happiness instead of the way I look.   I didn’t realize how important this is to a girl’s self esteem until I was an adult. I love you!

Where I’ll Go from Here

Weight Watchers will continue to be part of my life. I won’t pretend that I have been tracking everything I ate this entire time.  But I’ve learned something and the principles are still with me.  Over the past few months I’ve slowly lost weight even without tracking.

I also hope that by posting this here I will be held accountable and will be able to lose a few more pounds or at least maintain where I am.  I feel so great! By keeping going for a year already I’m convinced that I can keep up this lifestyle.


As the title says, the goal in my 30 Before 30 was to lose at least a bra size. This was a silly way to measure success given that I have no bras that fit me correctly. My current measurements state that I’ve lost 6″ in the bust! Woot woot!



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