Tip Jar: Clean Your Sink Hose Sprayer

When I first moved in to my new place, I was particularly disturbed by the state of the sink sprayer.  I hesitated to post the photo, but the picture is necessary to show how easily this worked. Brace yourselves.

Ewwww.  See all that gross build up?

I remembered a post I had read a while ago from Apartment Therapy.  Yes, I may not remember the Rules of Evidence, which are necessary to my livelihood, but I can remember online cleaning suggestions.

The post suggested soaking your shower head in white vinegar over night to remove the build up that prevents full water spray.  My shower head looks great but the technique seemed just as likely to work on the sink sprayer.

After I painted the kitchen, I filled a glass with white vinegar and shoved the sprayer in the glass over night.  The next morning I rinsed the sprayer and scrubbed it just briefly.  It came perfectly clean!

What do you clean with vinegar?



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5 responses to “Tip Jar: Clean Your Sink Hose Sprayer

  1. Mom

    Wow, that looks great! That is a green friendly use instead of those harsh chemicals.

  2. Bruce W.

    It does a great job of cleaning and freshening the fresh water system in an RV too.

  3. Keisha

    I use it to clean my kids’ ears/prevent swimmer’s ear. A few drops after swimming of 50% white vinegar/50% rubbing alcohol does the trick. Learned this from the doctor after my 4 yr olds ear drum burst from a swimmers war infection.

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