DIY Car Seat Canopy

My BFF needed one of these handy car seat canopies and recruited me for the job.

Isn’t the fabric fantastic? She happens to have an excellent sense of style.

I’m not really sure how I made it.  Divine intervention, perhaps? At any rate, I relied on these blog posts so give them some love: Make It Do, Do It Yourself Divas, Mo Momma, and Sawdust and Paper Scraps.



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8 responses to “DIY Car Seat Canopy

  1. The fabric IS fantastic. Love it. Also…totally LOVE your blog name. How creative!

  2. Dorothy

    Love the idea and the way you have made it.

  3. Lori

    Wow! You’re so sweet! Not only did you make this for me, you compliment me too! You’re the best Tash! And I LOVE the carseat cover!!! You did an awesome job, it’s perfect!

  4. Mom

    That is fantastic! I love the bold fabric and it fits perfect.

  5. Love this post.
    I have nominated you for the Versatile Blog Award. Thanks for being one of the awesome blogs that i enjoy reading!

    Check out your nomination here, on my blog:

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