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DIY Yoda costume

One of the reasons I learned to sew was to create simple items that seemed so expensive to buy.  This weekend was a perfect time to put my skills to use.  My niece needed some ears for her Yoda costume.  A few stitches later and this is what we had.

Happy Halloween!


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Easy Onesie with Freezer Paper Stencil

All of the hip bloggers have been using freezer paper as stencils these days to spruce up kids’ clothing. (Well guess what? I’m hip!)  I followed this tutorial a la MADE and – let’s be honest – you should too.  As you’re collecting your materials, note that this tutorial uses freezer paper – not wax paper.  (Apparently there’s a difference, the details of which I’m not all that interested in.)

The first – and most difficult – task is cutting your desired image out of the freezer paper.  I used an xacto knife and a kitchen cutting board to cut out the shape of Utah and a little heart.  Place the image under the freezer paper with the shiny side down.  Read: You’ll be drawing on the dull side.

Second, iron your freezer paper stencil to the cotton with the shiny side down.  Pay extra attention to the edges of your image because you don’t want your fabric paint to leak outside the stencil. (I put cardboard inside the onesie to separate the layers just for peace of mind.)

Third, use your permanent fabric paint to fill the inside of the stencil.  Follow the instructions on the bottle for drying times.

Finally, when the paint is dry remove the freezer paper and reveal your design!

I like it enough from afar but I thought up close it looked kind of clumpy.  It looks like, well, paint.  And I wonder if after it washes if there will be cracks in the image.

When it comes right down to it I must not have been too worried about it because I still gave it away to my BFF’s new baby.  (The kids grow out of those things so darn fast anyway, right?)


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DIY Doily-Inspired Tote Bag

This easy little tote bag would be great for a DIY Christmas gift.  I made it for my Grandma’s birthday based on the instruction at this tutorial.  You can buy these plain canvas totes from the craft store.  But if you’re feeling ambitious, there are about one zillion tote bag tutorials online.  (See, for example, here and here.)

First, spray the back of a doily with spray adhesive and position about 1/4 of the doily on the tote.

If you think to yourself, “well some extra glue won’t hurt,” you’re wrong.  It will hurt.  Do not indulge the instinct to spray glue all over the place.  An even layer is more than sufficient.  If you use too much glue you’ll get a sticky mess like this when you peel off the doily.

(This was my first attempt.  I started to use tweezers to pull up the doily but even that proved fruitless.  Luckily these canvas tote bags came in sets of threes.)

Second, paint over the doily with fabric paint and let dry.

Next, add your monogram.  The easiest way is to trace with pencil and then paint it in by hand.  That freaks me out.  So I used the freezer paper stencil method, which I will post about tomorrow.  Here’s the finished product:

Any DIY Christmas gifts up your sleeve?


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Embroidery Wedding Gift

I haven’t been embroidering much lately but this was my first project back in the swing of things.


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