Minky is Stinky

Leave it to a baby blanket to bring out my inner 10 year old.  But it turns out it is more difficult than it looks to sew with minky – that super soft fabric used in many children’s blankets.  Instead of dealing with my frustration in an adult manner I just resorted to name calling.

Note: I get the feeling that this problem could have been solved if I had a fancy presser foot but I’m not inclined to change equipment on my machine just yet.  (How on earth would I get it put back together?)

Instead of pouting like I wanted to do, I threw caution to the wind, used this tutorial, and created this baby blanket for my BFF’s second baby due in just a few weeks days (!!!!).

Hold the applause – it’s a total Monet.  That soft fabric gets all caught up in itself in that darn sewing machine. See:

NOT cool! But I didn’t waste too much sleep over it – it was my first blanket after all.

In an effort to create something less flawed, I tried a second baby blanket from this tutorial.

I did have some difficulty getting the hem allowance right on the spot where the rick rack overlaps.

That wasn’t one of the boo boos I showed the gift recipient – but, oops! I’ve done and outed myself now. Just remember it was made with love. :) 

What fabrics do you despise wearing or sewing?



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8 responses to “Minky is Stinky

  1. Lori

    I love them both! I would never have noticed the “boo boos” as you called them and I think that it makes me love them more! The first two blankets you’ve ever sewed and they are for my baby? We couldn’t feel more special! You’re the best!

  2. I can’t sew on that darn minky either. They look great!!!

  3. Mom

    Boo Boo and all they are adorable! I never new that fabric was called “minky”. So soft and I love the colors.

  4. Betsyboo

    Minky is awful… a walking presser foot does make all the difference because it moves the top fabric along at an equal rate of the bottom fabric. If you pin the heck of out of, and put the pins like 1/2 inch away, parallel to where you sew, that normally helps. And – ric rack is hard too I think. I tried to use some for burp cloths and it definitely had a learning curve. What I now to is right at the end, where it overlaps, I cut it/putt it down a little so the selvaged end gets sewn up in the edge/binding. Just some tricks I’ve discovered :) Overall though, both projects look fantastic!

  5. Betsyboo

    That should say want I now DO is… and cut it/PULL it down. Sorry – proofreading is a must! :)

  6. Beautiful fabric choice!!
    I’d love it if you added this to my flickr group if you’d like: http://www.flickr.com/groups/1749291@N22/
    Thanks for sharing!!! :D

  7. I think they look lovely. No one else is going to look at the stitching girlfriend.

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