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No. 13: Get a 401K or other “grown up” financial plan in place.

It’s not as exciting as some of the items on my 30 Before 30 list, but it is something I needed to accomplish.  My 401k is established.  Even as we I speak it is sitting out there somewhere in cyberspace until I figure out what to do with it.  (To its credit, Charles Scwab emails me  daily trying to get me to make it more money.)  Anyone have some good resources on where to go next?



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No. 16: Win a Trial

I am proud to report that I have finally crossed number 16 off my 30 Before 30 list: I finally won a darn trial.  (In full disclosure, I had very competent co-counsel who deserves most of the credit.)  I will never forget the look on my 12 year old client’s father’s face when he hugged me, tears streaming down his face.  I hope this is the start of a long line of satisfying verdicts.


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Sprucing Up White Onesies

A very special friend is birthing her second child today and in her honor I’m sharing a couple of onesies I glammed up for her special baby girl.

I started with a pair of pants I picked up at TJ Maxx.

And then it hit me: I am capable enough to whip up something that matched!  After searching the Blogosphere I made this cute fabric flower following the directions from this tutorial.

Cute pair, no?

But I still needed something to match the pink pair of pants so I relied on this tutorial to add ruffles to the neck of another plain jane onesie.

I left the edges raw for a little flair but I used fray glue to make sure they wouldn’t fray too much.

Voila! One pink outfit ready to go.

Methinks it was a quick way to enhance the fun of this gift.

Anyone else find a good fabric flower tutorial? I’d love to see a few other fabric flowers I could use.

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Minky is Stinky

Leave it to a baby blanket to bring out my inner 10 year old.  But it turns out it is more difficult than it looks to sew with minky – that super soft fabric used in many children’s blankets.  Instead of dealing with my frustration in an adult manner I just resorted to name calling.

Note: I get the feeling that this problem could have been solved if I had a fancy presser foot but I’m not inclined to change equipment on my machine just yet.  (How on earth would I get it put back together?)

Instead of pouting like I wanted to do, I threw caution to the wind, used this tutorial, and created this baby blanket for my BFF’s second baby due in just a few weeks days (!!!!).

Hold the applause – it’s a total Monet.  That soft fabric gets all caught up in itself in that darn sewing machine. See:

NOT cool! But I didn’t waste too much sleep over it – it was my first blanket after all.

In an effort to create something less flawed, I tried a second baby blanket from this tutorial.

I did have some difficulty getting the hem allowance right on the spot where the rick rack overlaps.

That wasn’t one of the boo boos I showed the gift recipient – but, oops! I’ve done and outed myself now. Just remember it was made with love. :) 

What fabrics do you despise wearing or sewing?


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