Trouble in the Hen House

Growing up I thought all succulent plants succed sucked.  (Get it? Succulents succ? I should be a comedian.)  About two years ago I started to appreciate the beauty of all succulents, including Hens and Chicks.  I don’t know the fancy schmancy botanical name but this plant is named for the large succulent in the middle (the hen), which  is surrounded by the smaller succulents (the chicks).

In all but one of the gardens in the world, they look like this:

Image found here.

In our yard, however, the Hens and Chicks look like this:

I really can’t wrap my head around what happened here.  As far as I’m concerned we got a big ole dud. Doug says it must not get enough sun so it is just stretching really tall.

Am I living in the Twilight Zone?



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9 responses to “Trouble in the Hen House

  1. Lois

    It appears that they are the flowers of mature plants. This article says that after the mother plant blooms, it will die. :( I love these and after many unsuccessful attempts at growing them, I give up. I have resolved to enjoy them in other people’s gardens.

  2. I don’t know why this post made me laugh but it did. What an odd shape they grew into?? I just planted these in my yard too. I noticed my neighbors hen did the same thing! Maybe our neighborhood is doomed :(

  3. Dorothy

    Hi Tasha. this is the normal progression of these plants. That is the Hen blooming before it dies. When it dries up, just take hold of it, give it a little twist and pull it out. the chicks will continue to thrive. give them time. Check mine out when you are over.

    • I’m so glad to learn that my hens are not duds, but now I’m concerned that my chicks aren’t plentiful (or strong) enough to carry on! (Did you see how weak and measly they are?)

  4. Mom

    Can’t say I have ever seen that!

  5. Lori

    My mom has a lot of these in her backyard, and I noticed that her plants are totally doing that! She said that’s how they bloom and then you just pull out that long part, and leave the chicks and they will come back. Her tip was, to be sure to hold onto the chicks when you pull the hen out so you don’t pull the whole plant out. Totally normal and that yours will come back too. Don’t worry about your chicks! :)

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