Newborn Gift: Cap It Off With Knit

This cute tank top from TJ Maxx was destined to be the top of my first-ever DIY tank dress. (Blue and white stripe top and red linen skirt – so nautical, right?  In my mind it was brilliant.) Unfortunately I ironed it after I’d got fusible sticky stuff all over the iron.  That sticky stuff sure does its job because there was no getting it out.  The tank lived buried in the fabric bin until I found this tutorial using knit fabric to make a newborn cap.

I printed the pattern from Sew, Mama, Sew! and cut it out of the tank.

I followed the simple instructions and voila! I made a cap.  (Sewing with knit, however, is not my strong suit.)  I like the knot on top….

… but I like it even better with two knots.

I felt like it needed some punch of femininity, so I sewed on a felt flower button.  Cute, no?



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3 responses to “Newborn Gift: Cap It Off With Knit

  1. Mom

    Tasha, Honey that is soooo cute. I want to see a picture of it on a baby! Post that will ya?

  2. Lori

    So cute!! I’m excited to have a baby to model it in the next month! ;)

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