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Trouble in the Hen House

Growing up I thought all succulent plants succed sucked.  (Get it? Succulents succ? I should be a comedian.)  About two years ago I started to appreciate the beauty of all succulents, including Hens and Chicks.  I don’t know the fancy schmancy botanical name but this plant is named for the large succulent in the middle (the hen), which  is surrounded by the smaller succulents (the chicks).

In all but one of the gardens in the world, they look like this:

Image found here.

In our yard, however, the Hens and Chicks look like this:

I really can’t wrap my head around what happened here.  As far as I’m concerned we got a big ole dud. Doug says it must not get enough sun so it is just stretching really tall.

Am I living in the Twilight Zone?



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#30: Buy a Lottery Ticket

I’ve been to many states with a lottery but never bought a ticket.  And then it occurred to me – what if I was supposed to be one of those people who made million of dollars by doing nothing at all? What if I was destined to win the lottery?

So one of the things I decided to add to my 30 Before 30 list was to buy a lottery ticket.  I bought it in Colorado this month.

Unfortunately I didn’t make a dime.  But at least now I know I wasn’t destined to win!


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Newborn Gift: Cap It Off With Knit

This cute tank top from TJ Maxx was destined to be the top of my first-ever DIY tank dress. (Blue and white stripe top and red linen skirt – so nautical, right?  In my mind it was brilliant.) Unfortunately I ironed it after I’d got fusible sticky stuff all over the iron.  That sticky stuff sure does its job because there was no getting it out.  The tank lived buried in the fabric bin until I found this tutorial using knit fabric to make a newborn cap.

I printed the pattern from Sew, Mama, Sew! and cut it out of the tank.

I followed the simple instructions and voila! I made a cap.  (Sewing with knit, however, is not my strong suit.)  I like the knot on top….

… but I like it even better with two knots.

I felt like it needed some punch of femininity, so I sewed on a felt flower button.  Cute, no?


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Barbeque-Themed Party

Props go to my BFF for coming up with the theme for this bridal shower luncheon.  One of my close friends is tying the knot next month and her co-workers threw the party in the break room in their office.  I was going to do some gray and yellow decor (I have serious gray and yellow infatuation lately) but my BFF suggested a barbeque theme since everyone was pitching in to get the happy couple a grill.  What a clever idea!

I love picking up a bunch of flowers at Costco.  I used mason jars I already had tied with twine from Cole’s cowboy birthday party.

I found a lot of fun stuff, including these food baskets below, on sale at JoAnn’s for 70 percent off!

I made a banner out of fabric and hung it on the work bulletin board.

Sure I took a picture of all the fun decor but I took two pictures of the cake.  This is for good reason.  I consider myself a cake connoisseur and this was one of the best I’ve had in a long time.  (I think it is important to clarify that I did not make this cake.  But I may just start stalking the woman who did.)

Perhaps you recognize the burlap runner, too?  I love having things on hand for a quick and easy party.

Everyone loves a good barbeque!


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