“Finished” Yellow and Gray Bedroom

A long time ago I posted the beginning of my spare bedroom makeover here.  I haven’t done much with the walls because I’m still afraid of putting holes in those plaster walls!  Nonetheless, with the IKEA bedding, lamps I displayed here, and headboard it looks like this.

Remember the first pillow I sewed here? I whipped up a few more for the bed.

What should I do with the walls?  Remember that with these plaster walls there isn’t a lot of room for change.



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5 responses to ““Finished” Yellow and Gray Bedroom

  1. Lori

    It looks really good! I really like the pops of yellow!! Also, I am sure that your male houseguests will appreciate that it’s not too feminine.

  2. Dorothy

    Hve you tried the Command brand adhsive hooks? They come in many sizesm and are suppose to not damage walls.

  3. Mom

    That turned out so cute! Love the colors love the pillows. I will think about wall ideas for ya.

  4. I’ve also seen several blogs where they mention they hang their artwork with velcro, provided it does not weigh too much…

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