Peony Season

I hadn’t heard of Peonies until I moved in with Doug.  He has two Peony plants but his neighbors have tons.  All throughout the older neighborhood Peonies thrive.

It wasn’t until I started dabbling in party planning did I learn that Peonies are such a prized flower.  It makes sense – they are full of luscious layers and they are in full bloom for only a week or so.  (At least in our yard.)  Since they come and go so fast, this year I wanted to follow them from Spring to Summer.

Don’t their folds look like tissue paper? They are such a delicate flower – sadly, most of ours are already gone – Peony petals are spread all over our lawn from the fierce wind.

Hello, Goodbye Peonies.



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4 responses to “Peony Season

  1. Dorothy

    I also love the Peony flower. I was never sucessful in growing them. I think they have to be buried quite shallow. Your pictures are great. When I grew up, all the houses had Peonies, Iris, and Lilacs, and they would bloom just in time to make bouquets to take to the cemetaries on Memorial Day.

  2. i LOVE peonies! these are beautiful.

  3. a picture series of peonies growing made into a movie would be so pretty. I love them and all their shades of pink!

  4. Mom

    Those are great pictures, so pretty the peony. We had one in N.S.L. but it never bloomed. I love that you captured all of its beauty.

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