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“Finished” Yellow and Gray Bedroom

A long time ago I posted the beginning of my spare bedroom makeover here.  I haven’t done much with the walls because I’m still afraid of putting holes in those plaster walls!  Nonetheless, with the IKEA bedding, lamps I displayed here, and headboard it looks like this.

Remember the first pillow I sewed here? I whipped up a few more for the bed.

What should I do with the walls?  Remember that with these plaster walls there isn’t a lot of room for change.



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Thrift Store Lamp Makeover

When I started out remodeling our spare bedroom I bought two lamps from the thrift store. I paid $2.50 for the short one and $5 for the tall one.

I took what I learned from Ryan Taylor when we redid my office lamps here.  So first I taped the cords and hardware and then I spray painted them with primer – in this case, automobile primer because it was what we had.

After I spray painted them white, I bought $10  shades and hot glued fabric to them.

I had to pleat the fabric on this shade because the top and bottom were not the same width – deceptive little shade.

Have you redone your own  lamps?

(If you look closely you’ll see the shade we chose for the walls.  I promise we’ll reveal the rest of the room soon!)


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Peony Season

I hadn’t heard of Peonies until I moved in with Doug.  He has two Peony plants but his neighbors have tons.  All throughout the older neighborhood Peonies thrive.

It wasn’t until I started dabbling in party planning did I learn that Peonies are such a prized flower.  It makes sense – they are full of luscious layers and they are in full bloom for only a week or so.  (At least in our yard.)  Since they come and go so fast, this year I wanted to follow them from Spring to Summer.

Don’t their folds look like tissue paper? They are such a delicate flower – sadly, most of ours are already gone – Peony petals are spread all over our lawn from the fierce wind.

Hello, Goodbye Peonies.


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DIY Father’s Day Gift

Once I learned to sew, I started making pillows for our gray and yellow spare bedroom.  I used the same tutorial to create a rustic pillow for my fathers.  I thought they could put them in their campers.

Very manly, no?


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