The bloggers lied.

One weekend not long ago Doug left town.  I thought I’d be so clever and have the spare bedroom cleaned and painted before he returned.  How hard could it be? Every person on HGTV or on home design blogs says that paint is the fastest, cheapest way to dress up a room.

Here’s the room before – a mix of storage and guest bedding.

Our plaster walls had suffered some serious damage.  (Have I mentioned how I hate plaster walls?)

The kind man at Home Depot led me to this product, which I puttied into the walls and let dry.

After sanding the holes flat, I moved onto painting the trim.  (I wanted to paint the ceiling first but decided I’d need Doug for that.)  I used frog tape to tape the trim.  I liked the frog tape but Doug said he couldn’t tell the difference.  (Don’t let that be a spoiler but, yeah, Doug had to help me finish out the project.)

I don’t know why I taped the trim so well because it took me forever.  Next time I’m going to paint the trim by hand and just tape the walls really nicely.  I over taped and wasted my time!

I used semi-gloss Ultra Pure White for the trim.

Look at the huge difference before and after.

Here’s the frog tape in action:

Oooooh.   Ahhhhhh.

See my taping disaster?  Not only did I over tape but I can’t tape straight!

While I was prepping the room I observed several paint samples in all the different kinds of light.

After Doug came home to a project half completed, he stepped in to save the day.  He really prepped the walls and helped me get in the swing of painting the ceiling.  Here he is applying the gray paint we chose.  (We used the Cashmere line at Sherwin Williams.  Loved it!)

Here is a sample of the color:

Next I’ll show you the finished furnished spare room.  Storage no more!



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3 responses to “The bloggers lied.

  1. Mom

    I have seen the finished result and I say it looks fantastic. Love love love the gray color. What you did get out of that project is some important painting knowledge congrats to you on that I think it looks great even if you over frogged taped.

  2. Amen to HGTV, bloggers, etc. lying about the ease of paint. It’s easy if the wall is fresh and clean – but if you have to patch, sand, tape and everything in between you are looking at big, time consuming project – especially if you’re doing it solo! I have to agree with your mom as well, the finished project looks A.MAZ.ING!

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