Daffodil Days at Red Butte Gardens

This weekend we went to Red Butte Gardens to see the blooming Daffodils.  I’ve never really paid much attention to Daffodils before this weekend but now I really love them.

My twin nieces thought the flowers smelled so good!

We only have tulips planted – do you have any Daffodils in bloom?

P.S. All these photos were taken on my iPhone with the Camera+ App.  What do you think?



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3 responses to “Daffodil Days at Red Butte Gardens

  1. Mom

    Those are great pictures. I thought I planted daffodil bulbs but this spring when they came up they were tulips! Oops! Loved them as well. Mya and Klya so funny :)

  2. Betsyboo

    I appreciated the P.S. As soon as I saw the first photo I seriously wondered if you had purchased a nice DSLR camera or something (which I am also in the market for right now). Maybe I should jsut settle for an Iphone! Haha!! I thought they looked great!

  3. Cidney

    Seriously, the pictures look amazing! And those are the cutest little girls I have ever seen!

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