How Much Wood Can Doug Chuck?

In November, part of the huge tree in our front yard collapsed during a windstorm.   (Maybe you remember how Doug wore his shorts while cleaning it up? If not you can see it here.)

Doug was able to saw off the lowest limbs but he couldn’t safely reach the tops.  He hired some folks with a tall truck to saw the limbs down.

But – Clever Doug – he chose to save some bucks by hauling the limbs out on his own.  It was quite a sight to watch him dragging them behind him to the backyard, where they withstood the winter.

This weekend Doug set out to clean up the limbs, armed with a chainsaw and a wood chipper. First he cut the biggest pieces into logs for fire wood.

Then he positioned the wood chipper so that the chips would propel into our future vegetable garden, where he believes they will fertilize the soil.

The sad part of this whole plan? That hole for the limbs to be chipped was about the size of a grapefruit.  Poor Doug stood there while he was pushing limb through limb through that hole.    But even that couldn’t keep a smile from his face . . .

Who uses wood chips for fertilizer?



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2 responses to “How Much Wood Can Doug Chuck?

  1. That is so funny because that huge storm broke some of our branches too! That is quite the job shredding all those branches. You’ll have to let me know how the wood chip fertilizer does!

  2. Mom

    I am curious as well to see how the wood chip chips fertilize?

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