Elastic Waist Toddler Skirt

Everyone needs a bit of the 1980s in their lives, don’t you think? When I stumbled upon this elastic waist skirt tutorial I decided to give them a go for my twin nieces.

Yes, I still can’t sew straight. . .

But I don’t think my nieces minded!

(I got the idea for the headbands here.)

Do you have any 80s-inspired clothing?



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6 responses to “Elastic Waist Toddler Skirt

  1. Hailey

    Umm, seriously? I want one in EVERY color and pattern! So cute!

  2. this is really cute! what a good auntie!!

  3. Hi, I just found your blog and would like to say that I love that you put all your sewing mistakes and mishaps. I’ve been sewing for 10 years and these things never stop. I feel like you’re a “good enough” kinda crafter, which I love. If no one else will notice, good enough, is good enough. :)

  4. mona

    Can you email the directions?? I can’t dind them…thanks

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