Wild, Wild One: Cowboy Themed First Birthday Party

It’s been a year since I threw my first party –  a “Wild About Cole” safari baby shower.  Well lil’ Cole just celebrated his first birthday and we threw him another wild, wild bash.  Cole was more than happy to dress up as a cowboy for his “Wild Wild One” birthday hoe-down.

My stepdad built this directional sign that served as a beacon for guests coming from all over town. I used letters I cut with the Cricuit so that I can use this sign again without having to repaint it.  Isn’t it great? I can’t wait for the next reason to tell people where to go.

I used straw to display a cow skull and this tissue paper numeral one.  (I got the idea for the tissue paper number one from this tutorial.)

Straw is officially on my do-not-ever-purchase-again-no-matter-what list.  What a mess!

Just like I did for the safari shower, I made a burlap banner to announce the theme.  This time I used clothespins instead of stringing it through the rope. This was so much faster!

The birthday boy and his parents were ready to greet their hoe-down guests. Have you seen a cuter cowboy? I seriously doubt it.

We displayed the birthday boy’s cake on a red plaid table cloth Cole’s grandma owned and we topped it off with the no-sew burlap runner I made last week.

I used flowers in mason jars on the cake table and elsewhere around the house.

To create consistent signage, I used picture frames wrapped with rope.  (Gotta love that hot glue!)  You may recognize these dollar store frames from my past parties.  I used them to display vintage New Zealand travel posters here, to show off Alvin and the Chipmunks here, to name a bar here, and to show of all of one family’s little sunshines here. That’s a lot of mileage for a $1 purchase!

In case the glare in my painfully-amateur photo prevents you from reading it, the outhouse sign says “Don’t squat on yer spurs.”  I crack myself right up over that one.

I’m totally in love with these paper straws. (I used the blue and white ones for the “Time Flies” 1st birthday party a few months ago.)

I purchased these straws on Etsy from Pebbles in my Pocket, which included the PDF for these straw tags.  It was perfect!

I made a ribbon banner with red and white plaid paper and a blue starry paper.

The birthday boy’s picture was republished for his wanted posters. (Seriously! Have you ever seen a cuter 8 tooth grin?)

I also bought a wanted poster to leave blank.  I cut out the middle, passed out a few faux mustaches and voila! An instant Kodak moment.

It turns out that even the birthday boy’s proud papa is a wanted criminal!

We decorated Cole’s high chair with a small banner using the same paper from the “Cole is 1” banner.

This is one baby boy who did not hesitate to sink his hands into that frosting!

Cole did not stop until he had cake on the floor, on his bib, on his face, and in his hair.  That’s how it’s supposed to be done big boy!

Cole’s youngest cousins were listed on the chalkboard to make sure they picked up their favors.

Each little favor bag included root beer barrels and wax mustaches.

Every one else could take a dum dum from this lollipop flower I made from this tutorial.

Cole bid farewell to his party guests by wishing them “Happy Trails”!


Who remembers the wax lips from the 1980s?



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29 responses to “Wild, Wild One: Cowboy Themed First Birthday Party

  1. Dorothy

    Tasha, You get better and better! Who knew that among all your many talents that you were so creative. With your gift of writing as well as all the creative ideas you have , you should seriously consider writing a book. There are a lot of people like me who would welcome such cute clever ideas. This Party Is A Winner!

  2. Lori

    Best party ever!! And he is the cutest cowboy I’VE ever seen, but I’m a little biased! Seriously Tash, thanks for all your hard work and creativity! The party would have been nothing without you!

  3. everything looks adorable!!! what a fun theme for a party! great job on the lollipop flower! thanks for letting me know- that is what blogging is all about…. sharing ideas! :)

  4. msfineprint

    Seriously! Awesome! How do you even find things like the straws?

  5. Mom

    Finally, seeing all the pictures of your hard work hats off to you that was adorable :) Watering hole, spur squatting, wax mustaches , you rock Tasha. So many clever ideas and what a cute little cowboy Cole is!!

  6. Really, really cute! Love all the graphics!

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  8. Wow! Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my son’s Vintage Tractor Party…but sheesh…your son’s party is just-as AMAZING! LOVE all the details!

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  10. Christina


    Love the idea for the western party! Was thinking of doing something similiar and seeing all of your wonderful ideas solidified the idea. Did you make Cole’s vest or purchase it? I would like to get something similar.


    • Hi Christina! Cole’s vest came from the bottom of his grandma’s old toy box! Sorry I can’t be of any help. Good luck with your party – I’d love to see the link when you’re all finished!

  11. BAB

    How did you connect black letters to the burlap? Using lots of your ideas for my little guy’s first birthday!

  12. Did you have the cowboy caulk board or did you buy it? Just found your site searching for ideas for my son’s 2nd Birthday party (this May) & we are doing a cowboy theme. Thank you!

  13. Michelle

    This is awesome! I found your blog when I googled “1st birthday boy cowboy”. My little guy turns 1 in July. You had lots of great ideas! Thanks for the awesome post!

  14. allison wright

    I was interested in making the burlap banner but what type of glue to use? Thanks so much for the idea!

  15. Erin

    Where did you get the cowboy signs for the watering hole, out house and happy trails??

  16. Erin

    Oh… and where did you get his “yee-haw” invitations made from??

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  18. Joyous

    What a cute party! Thanks for sharing your ideas! I’m throwing an adult cowboy themed event & I think I’ll have to borrow some of these!
    Specifically, I see in the comments that you printed your outhouse & watering hole signs & then made them, do you remember where you found the signs to print? Was it on a website, I mean…
    Thanks again!

  19. Very cute & clever!! I’m totally borrowing some ideas… :) My cowboy Owen turns 1 next month! Thinking of making a timeline using photos from each of his 12 months of life so far, and posting them on small wanted posters. I’m having difficulty finding the posters that Im looking for & may end up making them. I have 2 little ones tho- any EASY suggestions?

  20. Lisa Keyser

    Would love the template for your signs (outhouse and waterin’ hole) we’re performing Oklahoma! and it would be great! Thank you!!

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