No Sew Burlap Runner: Giddy Up!

I’m gearing up for a cowboy themed birthday party (yee-haw!) and threw together this burlap runner without sewing, embroidering, or stitch witchery.  This runner (or a tablecloth) would be great for fall festivities, too!

First, cut the general size you want the runner.

I’ve cut the top edge but it is not pretty.  (No matter how many times I cut fabric in my sewing class I still can’t cut straight.)

Second, find a fiber that runs the full length of the edge.  It should be about three or four fibers in.  Give it a little tug, like I’ve done below.

Next, work that fiber out of the full length of the fabric so that it creates a clear line that you’ll follow to keep the edge straight.

Working from the outermost fiber inward toward your guideline, fray away each of the fibers.

When the outside edges are peeled away, you’ll have a straight line!  Just cut the frayed edges to about the same length and you’ve done it!

Who thinks burlap is too itchy?

Also, who can give me some pointers on taking photos at night? Flash or no flash?  As a late-night blogger, natural light simply is not an option.



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4 responses to “No Sew Burlap Runner: Giddy Up!

  1. Mom

    Your camera may have an option for low light situations check that out. The runner looks good. Great for a cowboy theme can not wait to see finished plans put together!!! Burlap, yes itchy.

  2. Cid

    Very itchy, and sheds. Can’t wait to see what you came up with for the party!!

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