Impromptu Office Redesign: I Need a Nap!

My apologies for my recent awol.  In addition to daily sewing classes (!!!), I was swept up in an impromptu office redesign with my friend, and ABC4 contributor, Ryan Taylor.  It was a whirlwind of DIY projects and shopping extravaganzas that consumed my life for several days.  I’ll walk you through all of the amazing things I learned from Ryan and how to accomplish what we did!

For a preview of the huge transformation,  check out the finished clip on Good Things Utah! See it here!

Big thanks to Ryan! Stay tuned.

Click here for the full redesign.



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3 responses to “Impromptu Office Redesign: I Need a Nap!

  1. Mom

    Loved seeing the the makeover! Your office looks fantastic :) Ryan did a great job and I can’t wait to see his finished web site and hear what ideas he has for 2637 Snow Mountain.

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