Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

Romance is in the air and it’s time to sprinkle your love one with tokens of your affection, be them naughty or nice.    Below are some ideas for the men in your life!

There are oodles of shaving products out there but I like this product from Etsy seller Sweet Petula.  (Disclaimer: I’ve never tried it but I like the name “Mr. Mustachio”.) What better way to say “let’s cuddle” than to say “shave that shaggy hair off your face.”

Available here.

Try programming this scrolling LED belt buckle before he opens it so the message tells him exactly how you want to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Available here.

Have you been saving big for his gift this year? Look no further than what every man wants: Beer on wheels.

Available here.

Is your man musically inclined?  Tell him he rocks your world with this engraved guitar pick.

Available here.

Tell him of your affections in a practical way with this “I’m Nuts About You” key chain.

Available here.

Appeal to the romance of the season and his love of the television (and chocolate) with this “You Turn Me On” chocolate remote control.

Available here.

Encourage him to be a Trojan man (pun intended) with this clever beanie.

Available here.

How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?



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2 responses to “Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

  1. Lauren

    Beer on wheels! Haha :) Too bad I didn’t save big?? Lol.

  2. Mom

    Those are interesting, I think Cid should get the guitar pick for Drew! Ha Ha.

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