Easy Stitch: Back Stitch

Although I haven’t said much about it since I started this blog, I hand embroider fairly regularly.  The biggest reason I started embroidering (other than to keep my hands busy) is because you only need the fabric you like, a needle, a hoop, and embroidery floss.

Embroidery needles and floss can be purchased at most fabric or craft stores.  Floss is cheap!  When you study a piece of floss, you can see that each piece of floss is made of 6 pieces of string.  Depending on the look you’re going for you can use or just some of the strands.

Image found here.

My go-to stitch for embroidery is called the back stitch.  It was the easiest stitch for me to master and I like it because it makes clean lines.  (If video tutorials are for you, visit here.)

To accomplish the back stitch, follow me as I embroider this onesie for my newest nephew.  (Lil’ guy was born into one huntin’-lovin’ family.)

First, bring your threaded needle from behind the fabric at point one.

Second, at the point of your desired stitch length, thread the needle back to the back of the fabric.

Third, at the place where you’d like your second stitch to end, bring the needle to the front of the fabric.

Fourth, push your needle through at the same place your last stitch ended.  For this stitch set, your needle will push through at number two on the diagram below.

Repeat this pattern.  Bring the needle to the front at the place you’d like the next stitch to end.

Return the needle to the back through the place where the stitch began.  (In our diagram, this is point number 3.)

The back stitch is my go-to stitch for most onesies that I embroider. I like the simple lines. I’ve used this stitch in the onesies below.

Stay tuned for some gift ideas using simple embroidery!

P.S.  I’m starting a six week online sewing course today so wish me luck!  When I finish my projects I’ll be sure to show you all my progress.



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6 responses to “Easy Stitch: Back Stitch

  1. Mom

    I forgot about Mr. Potato-head he is adorable. I am so excited to see what you learn through your sewing class. I am curious why did you start in the middle of the elks back and not on an end?

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  5. Lauren

    I love this post! What type of needle and thread did you use to do this? I am a beginner, as in.. Haven’t even begun! Thanks for your help!!

    • You can buy normal embroidery floss at any sewing store. Go to the same aisle as the embroidery hoops – DMC is the one I buy but only because it is what is easiest.

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