No. 19: Enjoy an Expensive Bottle of Wine

Do you believe in The Secret? It’s the idea that if you tell the universe what you want the universe will deliver it to you.

It didn’t interest me.  I heard about it but I didn’t read the book and I didn’t see the movie.

Although I hadn’t intentionally put The Secret to use, I did publish a 30 Before 30 list for the entire world wide web to see.  I suppose that must have been enough because a few months later the universe put an expensive bottle of wine in my hands so that I can check off Number 19: Enjoy an Expensive Bottle of Wine.

A friend gave Doug and I a 2006 bottle of Tignanello Antinori  without knowing that I had a 30 Before 30 list that includes the drinking of a fine wine.

(Why, yes. I did wrap the wine in a plush red blanket for this photo shoot.)

The Tignanello didn’t disappoint.  It went down much more smoothly than most red wines I’ve tasted and didn’t have a bite. Fewer tannens, perhaps?

Me, Doug, and Mama Judd preparing for our first sip.

We did the things they teach you to do at wine courses – the useless sniffing and swirling.  We also tested its fingers, which are shown below.  Although I haven’t seen too many vino fingers, these seemed impressive enough for our amateur criticism.

It was an excellent wine that I wish I could sip more often.  I drank it as slowly as possible and when it ended I didn’t want to brush my teeth.  Sigh.  At least now I’ve done what I needed to do to see what all the fuss is about.  Although it was easily better than all of the wines I’ve had in the United States, I’m more than happy to stick with my $12 bottle so long as I’m paying.

Have you ever had an expensive glass of wine?  If so, do you think they are worth the price?

As a side note, do you think The Secret really works?



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3 responses to “No. 19: Enjoy an Expensive Bottle of Wine

  1. Lori

    I don’t think you followed your friends instructions very well. ;) Ha ha! You told me about your mom’s haircut, but I hadn’t seen it! It is fun and sassy!! I am glad you enjoyed your expensive bottle of wine….just don’t get used to it. :) Ha ha, just kidding!

  2. Mom

    I think the finger picture rocks! There is by the way no sass in my hair other than “bed head” as I did not do it that day, (yes it happens frequently). The vino by the way was deliciousa! Glad you crossed of #19.

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