Calling All Beginning Sewing Projects

I don’t have a New Years resolution.  I have 27 of them. Throughout 2011 I’ll be working hard to check off the remaining 27 items from my 30 Before 30 list. (Thank goodness I have 20 months!)

In the midst of a holi-daze, I almost attempted to tackle No. 25 – Sew something with a sewing machine.  What a great way to create a touching Christmas gift, right? Wrong.  One visit to the fabric store for necessary parts – thread, for example – made me realize how not qualified I am to whip something up on a deadline.

Now with the holidays behind me – and cursed by this winter weather – I’m ready to take on a sewing project.  But I need help!  I’m looking to start small. Very small.  Anyone with ideas for beginning sewing projects?



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8 responses to “Calling All Beginning Sewing Projects

  1. Mom

    How about a pillow? Sew the sides together, stuff it,close it, you are done.

  2. Mom

    How about a pillow? Sew the sides together, stuff it,close it, you are done. Or, how about an apron? Speaking of the list lets plan our trip!!

  3. Dorothy

    Do you have a sewing machine? I’d love to help you if you would want to. Let me know.

  4. Tasha,

    I have an idea.
    I am never motivated to make stuff at home. My sewing machine collects dust. But I would LOVE to spend time with you — and get a nice project done at the same time. Do you have a free Saturday where I can come over for a few hours, we will have you sew something on a sewing machine, and we’ll also get in some quality time?

    I also think a pillow would be a really nice start.

  5. Betsyboo

    An apron or pillow are both super easy, as would be a tiny little tote bag (think pillow with no stuffing) or even a simple flannel baby blanket. Just sew, leave a hole to turn right side out, then pin shut and stitch a top stick, being sure to seal where the hole was… Oh how I wish we lived closer. I’d love to sew with you!!

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