Tip Jar: Perk Up Your Stocking Display

All month I had sad, lifeless stockings hanging from the mantel.  (Hey! We finally have a mantel!)


Enter Grandma Judd’s wisdom:  Stuff each stocking with a crunched-up piece of newspaper (or two) to make the stocking hang better.


How do you hang your stockings?



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3 responses to “Tip Jar: Perk Up Your Stocking Display

  1. Mom

    That certainly makes them hang better! Thank Tammy for that!

  2. Mom

    Hey, Ms. DIYer have yourself a great Christmas! Thanks for all the tips and fun your little site has brought !

  3. Planning my little man’s 2nd Birthday which will be an airplane party. Anyway you can tell me where you got your sons jacket and hat? Thanks.