Christmas Gift Ideas (for anyone!)

There are only 12 days of Christmas shopping left and every day counts.  I hope I’ve helped you with my gift ideas for her, for him, and for the fam, but if not there are many gender-neutral gifts for that special someone.  Heed the list below for great gifting success this holiday season!

Pointing bookmark: I don’t have much tolerance for reading books these days, but I’d use this bookmark if I did.  In the past, I’d fold the corner of the page all the way to the paragraph I was reading.  In hindsight, that probably wasn’t good for the book – at least the creators of this bookmark must think so. Use the finger to keep track of the last line you read.  Available here.

Golden Ticket iPhone Case: Everyone loves Willy Wonka!  Whenever Doug or I find something we’ve been looking for we bust into the “I’ve got the golden ticket” song.  With this phone case you can actually have a beautiful golden ticket and a golden day every day.  Available here.

Tea Tumbler: Steep your tea on the go with the removable strainer in this glass mug.  Definitely handy for late-running mornings. (Oooh – It’s pretty, too.)  Available here.

Air Plant: These cute little plants don’t root in soil!  If indoors, they need to be submerged in water for 2-3 hours every two weeks.  That’s easy enough for office living! Available here.

Lunch Bag: A subtle message can go a long way in the office environment.  Protect your grub from food-prowling co-workers by purchasing here.

Fish Eye Camera: See the world differently!  Capture that Kodak moment with this fish eye lens camera, which produces circular pictures from its 170 degree view.  Available here.

Car Seat Warmer: Give a warm tush this Christmas!  There’s no need to buy a new car just to get heated seats.  Plug into your cigarette lighter and heat your bottom and back with 60 watts of warmth.  Available here.



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7 responses to “Christmas Gift Ideas (for anyone!)

  1. Mom

    Those are great, I mean GREAT ideas. The fisheye camera curious to see those pictures. I love the bookmark everyone needs a finger to point out which line you were on , to smart. The plants are adorable, and the tea steeper great for a tea lover and I have ordered tea from them it is very good! We all know in Utah the importance of driving with a warm backside in the coldest of cold that is here. What am I going to order? Hmmm.

  2. Lori

    Weren’t we talking about those type of seat heaters? I’m glad you found some. :)

  3. Betsyboo

    The whole golden ticket thing made me laugh out loud… people started staring because I was laughing so hard. :) Happy Christmas! And I didn’t know your dog’s name was Jack… I thought your card was darling :)

  4. Nuntawun

    I love the plant, it’s very cute and easy to take care and quite clean.

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