Unique Christmas Gifts for Him

Looking for gifts for families or neighbors? Check out my suggestions here.

Buying for men is the most difficult part of my holiday shopping.  They like things (i.e., tools) that are totally alien to me. It is particularly difficult to buy gifts for Doug. I avoid electronics (because he knows better than I do) and clothing (because he is certain anything I buy won’t fit him).

So this year I’ve kept my nose to the ground while I’ve been shopping.  I’m hoping to leave you some gift ideas that have impressed me this season. Happy shopping!

Buckhead Pillow: Approximately 96.2 percent of my male family members are hunters. (Some of you might cringe to know that my family eats elk meat far more than beef.) So I’m not surprised that this pillow caught my eye. I’m using a lot of fabric appliques for embroidery so the felt buck calls to me. And who doesn’t love that rustic red and black plaid? My family would be proud. You can purchase it here.

Dude Bag: In full disclosure, Doug says he would never carry this man bag. His exact words were: “There’s probably someone out there who would use it.” (This is why I can’t buy for this man.) There are such men and I can think of several. Maybe the problem is that I want to tote it around, too? At any rate, you can purchase it here.

Fight Club Soap: I’d use this soap and men love the movie Fight Club way more than I did. Encourage him to clean up with this replica soap, which is available here.

Mustache Hanky: One of my old dear friends carried a hanky in high school. I have no clue if he still does – but the whole thing seemed very strange to my former 17 year old self. Looking back now, that was pretty hip! Pairing a hanky with the mustache trend, this hanky is a great gift for the man in your life. Even Doug endorses this gift. You can purchase it here.

Fire pit: Is your main man a huge University of Utah fan?  Is he looking to stay warm at those wet tailgates? Any Ute fan would be proud to show off this fire pit at his next barbecue.  You can purchase it here.



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4 responses to “Unique Christmas Gifts for Him

  1. Mom

    I think the red and black plaid pillow is a perfect fit for the hunter ! Fight club soap ? Kinda freaky.

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