Unique Christmas Gifts (Family Edition)

Each birthday or holiday that rolls around, I start my gift search from scratch by searching “unique gift ideas” or “rare gifts.”  The searches lead to the same old sites: Uncommon Goods, Gifts.com, and Red Envelope.  They have many interesting gift ideas but I’m never too impressed.  And after you visit them frequently, you realize how un-rare those gifts are.

While I Christmas shopped this year, I kept tabs on gifts that I would give.  Over the next few days, I’ll show you what I’ve come up with!  Today I’m listing gifts I perfect for my family or neighbors.

Table Topics: Our family doesn’t usually need prompts for conversation, but my Stepfather loves (and I mean loves) to throw out questions that will get the family in an interesting conversation.   Table Topics is a box of questions that would likely make my Stepdad happy.  There are four editions of this game: original, family, couples, and girls night out and it can be purchased here.



Die Cut Calendars: I’ve only seen a handful of these 3D calendars and boy did they sell out quickly! (My favorite of the season was a 3D zoo calendar available here but it has already sold out!)  The Golden Retriever calendar at left is available at Urban Outfitters here.




Silhouette Family Tree: I think many family trees end up looking too cluttered.  This tree, with all its simplicity and its emphasis on silhouettes (which are totally hot right now), really caught my eye.  It’s available on Etsy here but be sure the seller can get it complete before you need it!


Bundt Cake: You probably have a sweet spot for bundt cakes if you’ve seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding. (“There’s a hole in this cake!”)  You also might be a big fan if you’ve eaten anything from Salt Lake’s Nothing Bundt Cakes.  I had a bite of one once and am still reminiscing.  I think a bundt would make a great gift for a neighbor or cowker.



East Coast Cupcakes: If we’re going to talk about cake, let’s go big.  As in across-the-country-big.  Any trip to Washington D.C. is not complete (or so I hear) without a top at Georgetown Cupcake.  The shop is – surprise, surprise – a cupcake shop in Georgetown.  In full disclosure, I have not ever had the cupcake tasted ’round the world, but apparently I can.  They’re shippable!  Check them out here.






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5 responses to “Unique Christmas Gifts (Family Edition)

  1. Mom

    The table topic idea is smart! some people just need it. And you can’t go wrong with a bundt cake , did you know they also have bundtettes ? Mimi versions for like 5 bucks I think. Cool ideas.

  2. Lori

    We had those Nothing but Bundt cakes at my shower at Tori’s house. Did you try them there….they are heavenly! And I can’t believe you LIVED in DC for months and never picked yourself up a cupcake……assuming the bakery was there then. :) Love your gift ideas, you do always put lots of thoughts into the gifts you give!!

  3. Dorothy

    I was given a small version of the Nothing Bundt Cake, for my birthday. It was delicious. I would recommend them as personal gifts.

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