DIY Christmas Gift: Personalized Glasses

In line with my DIY gift idea from earlier this week,  I want to share another DIY Christmas gift  idea I saw recently on my favorite blog.  Click here to see  how Sherry created a hand-drawn Christmas tree motif on glass tumblers.  What a great DIY gift!

Image found here.

I could never free hand this like she did but I’m not afraid to stencil!

Has anyone tried this?



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5 responses to “DIY Christmas Gift: Personalized Glasses

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  2. Mom

    That is a cleaver idea! I think less is more though. One tree per glass would look better to me, more of a statement. Love the idea of initials or whatever your thing is.

  3. I give DIY gifts to our neighbors every year for the holidays – great ideas you have here!

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