DIY Christmas Gift: Tile Coasters

This is not a new idea but I just recently jumped on the bandwagon.  (In fact, I’ve been wanting to make these ever since it was an activity at one of our Girls’ Night Out that I had to miss during law school.)  With a simple ceramic tile from Home Depot – I paid about 19 cents per tile – you can create a fun, personalized coaster set.  To adopt an old cliche, the only limitation is your imagination!


  • 4-6 tiles per set
  • Scrapbook paper, photos, newspaper clippings, other mediums for design – I have only used scrapbook paper so far but I intend on using other mediums as well.  Family photos would be great for Christmas gifts.  I just find that the scrapbook store has so many beautiful prints that I just can’t resist!
  • Mod Podge
  • Felt

First, measure your tile and cut your scrapbook paper just short of the measurements.

Second, coat the whole thing in Mod Podge. I used the glossy mix on these coasters.  Also, don’t  use newspaper to protect your counters.  Just trust me on that.

(Optional step: If you want to add a little color to the edges like I did below, just brush on a little craft paint.  You can buy colored tiles but the options are limited.)

Third, add some more coats of Mod Podge.  I end up putting on about 5 coats.

Fourth, cut a piece of felt to the size of the tile and hot glue it to the bottom of the tile. (Not quite sure why I don’t have a picture of this step but it’s probably better you don’t see me wielding a hot glue gun anyway.)

Fifth, let dry and wrap!

Advise the gift recipient not to use the coaster for hot beverages for about 25 days after you finished your last coat of Mod Podge.  Word is that they will melt.

Have you ever made these tile coasters?

Want a Christmas spin on your DIY tile coasters?  See here.

Want another DIY Christmas Gift Idea? Click here.



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7 responses to “DIY Christmas Gift: Tile Coasters

  1. these are so cute!!!! you’ve given me a great idea. Thanks!

  2. Mom

    I love the set you made for us with the African prints, so cool to personalize them! Have you ever seen those little round felt protections that you use on the bottom of chairs? Those would maybe work also for the bottoms so you don’t have to cut the felt.

  3. What pretty papers! I love yours.

  4. Cid

    FREAKIN ADORABLE!!! What a great idea!!

  5. Peter

    Hi there
    I read that part of your wide comptency wsa hanging some New Zealand vintage posters. I am preparing a book on said posters, and wondered if you would be able to share any images with me? Would appreciate if so. Pls contact me if it is possible.
    Enjoyed skimming your blog. the 30 pre 30 is a good idea,wish i’d done it!

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