Two Sticks – Endless Possibilities

One of my favorite party planning supplies is a set of two wooden sticks.  They are about one inch thick and are about five feet tall.  (They’re built on an X so they stand up on their own.)  You might remember seeing them at the Our Lil’ Sunshines party holding up the banner.

I used them again last weekend.  My brother recently eloped and my family threw him a big fat party.  Because he’d eloped, much of our extended family hadn’t met the bride.  I clipped tags of fun facts about her on ribbons strung from stick to stick.

I spray painted the clothespins and adorned them with stickers I found in the scrapbook aisle of the craft  store.

I used the Cricuit to cut the pink tags.

Any other ideas for these sticks?



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15 responses to “Two Sticks – Endless Possibilities

  1. I blog from Haiti, and if I were to incorporate a pair of those sticks into the Thanksgiving dinner I’m planning here in Port-au-Prince, I hang tags identifying important facts about hunger here in Haiti, facts about malnutrition and a lack of safe drinking water. For better or worse, I feel somewhat guilty hosting a holiday party oriented around feasting in a country where so many children will wake up on Thanksgiving not having had dinner the night before and probably no breakfast in the morning either. These tags would remind me and my guests that after we’re done eating, we need to take action to feed others, so that next Thanksgiving the newly nourished can have something food-related to be thankful for. Oh well, this response got way more serious than I had intended–but there you have it. My blog about Haiti is actually a lot more fun than this post would seem to suggest. Thanks for the stick suggestion though, and congratulations on being freshly pressed.

    • Kathryn – What a great idea! And, had it not been for your sweet comment – I’d have no idea I was freshly pressed! Thanks! Happy Thanksgiving and hope your dinner is full of love.

  2. digitalslr

    joss IDEA…i like it really.thanks for sharing.

  3. Cool idea i need to say here, And like the pics you were posted at your post, thanks for sharing some good information.

  4. Love it! What a great idea to use stickers on the clothespins…thanks for the inspiration! :)

  5. RJK

    how about Christmas Cards, birthday cards, those items you never know what to do with to display them. Red and green clothespins?

    Would you believe our family actually uses clothespins to hang clothing as well?

    Congrats on being “Fresh Pressed!”

  6. What a cute idea! Simple, creative, and interactive! I love it! I’m totally using it at my next party (in a smaller, indoor, tiny apartment version…) thanks!

  7. sayitinasong

    What a splendid idea!

  8. blackshepherd

    just so you know…I wrote the blurb about knowing the sticks because I had only hours beforee written a tougue in cheek thing about having to behave because if I didn’t she has the power to send me to a universe full of marshmellows and fires and I’d be the only stick…shorty thereafter I saw your piece and the title grabbed me immediately “Two Sticks – Endless Possibilities” So I felt like maybe the universe was reassuring me that I wouldn’t have to be a stick alone…weird I know but that’s what prompted it…sorry. It’s a very nice story from a literal point of view too…so congratulations to all of you….

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