Choosing a Front Door Color

I may have over thought the paint color of our front door.  Here it is when Doug was installing it:

It was primed and ready for a splash of color.  But what color?

We came down to three finalists: navy blue, black and sage green.  I felt like sage green was the least formal and the most “homey” of the options.  So Doug set to painting.

The door is fully installed and we intend to paint the wrought iron black.  What do you think about the door color against the red brick?  Frankly, I have my doubts.

What color is your front door?

P.S. Wouldn’t a sconce look fantastic on the right side of the door?  Ooooh. Ahhh.



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4 responses to “Choosing a Front Door Color

  1. Mom

    I really like the green. I would say no to the navy blue unless you are looking for a patriotic look. One thing about paint it is easy to change if you don’t like it.

  2. wow, I really like the green!!! the door is beautiful!
    I say YES to a sconce too, that would look fab!

  3. Lori

    I also like the green. Why are you having doubts?

  4. Dorothy

    The green is nice. My only comment is—What direction does your house face?? Paint colors tend to pigment from the hot sun. Some colors are worse han others. When you talk to Michelle let her tell you her experience on this subject.

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