Election Day! Vote for Us!

It’s election day today and a lot is on the line! On Friday voting will end for the SOS Design Contest via True Value and our chance at $2,500 will end!

I entered our basement into the SOS Contest because it is a true design disaster.  In fact, those of you who have been to our home probably haven’t seen it because I won’t let anyone down the stairs.

And guess what?  We’re one of the Top Ten Finalists in the contest!

Doug has lived here for seven years and has never updated the space.  Those curtains? Yup, circa the 1960s.  The wood paneling? Original to the house.  (The mess? All Doug’s.)

See for yourself.

So, I’m sharing our shameful photos with the web world for the chance to win $2,500.  And you’ll get out to follow our design redo on the ole’ blog here.  Below is my entry essay and the way you can vote.  Vote early and vote often!

We need some light! Wood paneling, pegboard walls, and cacti art work are the highlights of our dreary basement office.

Although my husband has lived here for about six years, neither he nor the prior occupants have updated the basement since the 60s. The dark walls, dreary curtains, and cluttered space make this basement office completely uninviting and almost useless. While this is the only portion of our basement that is finished, I’m still shocked that it functions mostly as storage. Stacks and stacks of clutter can easily pile up on top of the corner bar, on which we’ve never entertained. I truly believe we could keep it clean if the space actually suited our purposes.

And while the clutter is a total downer, the office’s real drawback is that it is so dark and dismal. Brown walls, brown curtains, and brown art work? It’s seasonal depressive disorder just waiting to happen. And those measly two ceiling lights aren’t helping.

We dream of a home office with ample storage and individual work stations for both of us. I may cede more space for my husband, who works from home, but the space definitely needs to accommodate more than one user. Kudos to my husband, who has made do with what he has. But I’m sure there are solutions for our home office that can foster productivity and are still less intrusive than a pegboard wall.

So light the way True Value! Please rescue us from our depressing basement office!

Vote here!



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2 responses to “Election Day! Vote for Us!

  1. Mom

    That room desperately needs to win!!! Keeping my fingers crossed :)

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