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DIY Christmas Gift: Tile Coasters

This is not a new idea but I just recently jumped on the bandwagon.  (In fact, I’ve been wanting to make these ever since it was an activity at one of our Girls’ Night Out that I had to miss during law school.)  With a simple ceramic tile from Home Depot – I paid about 19 cents per tile – you can create a fun, personalized coaster set.  To adopt an old cliche, the only limitation is your imagination!


  • 4-6 tiles per set
  • Scrapbook paper, photos, newspaper clippings, other mediums for design – I have only used scrapbook paper so far but I intend on using other mediums as well.  Family photos would be great for Christmas gifts.  I just find that the scrapbook store has so many beautiful prints that I just can’t resist!
  • Mod Podge
  • Felt

First, measure your tile and cut your scrapbook paper just short of the measurements.

Second, coat the whole thing in Mod Podge. I used the glossy mix on these coasters.  Also, don’t  use newspaper to protect your counters.  Just trust me on that.

(Optional step: If you want to add a little color to the edges like I did below, just brush on a little craft paint.  You can buy colored tiles but the options are limited.)

Third, add some more coats of Mod Podge.  I end up putting on about 5 coats.

Fourth, cut a piece of felt to the size of the tile and hot glue it to the bottom of the tile. (Not quite sure why I don’t have a picture of this step but it’s probably better you don’t see me wielding a hot glue gun anyway.)

Fifth, let dry and wrap!

Advise the gift recipient not to use the coaster for hot beverages for about 25 days after you finished your last coat of Mod Podge.  Word is that they will melt.

Have you ever made these tile coasters?

Want a Christmas spin on your DIY tile coasters?  See here.

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Two Sticks – Endless Possibilities

One of my favorite party planning supplies is a set of two wooden sticks.  They are about one inch thick and are about five feet tall.  (They’re built on an X so they stand up on their own.)  You might remember seeing them at the Our Lil’ Sunshines party holding up the banner.

I used them again last weekend.  My brother recently eloped and my family threw him a big fat party.  Because he’d eloped, much of our extended family hadn’t met the bride.  I clipped tags of fun facts about her on ribbons strung from stick to stick.

I spray painted the clothespins and adorned them with stickers I found in the scrapbook aisle of the craft  store.

I used the Cricuit to cut the pink tags.

Any other ideas for these sticks?


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Winter Landscaping

We heard the storm a-blowin’ all night Saturday but we still weren’t prepared to wake up to this on our front yard.

Doug set out to cut down the lower limbs that he could do on his own.

Wait, wait . . . you see that, too?

He cleaned the walks in those shorts, too.


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SOS! We lost the SOS Contest!

It’s true.  We lost the SOS Contest.  Doug wanted to demand a recount but I persuaded him to keep his emails to himself.

The winner, known as Miss Mustard Seed in the blogosphere, will be redesigning her 1940s bathroom.  You can see her submission video here and visit her blog here.  She’s an excellent blogger and I’m looking forward to watching her transformation!

Speaking of losses, I also lost my first trial today.  This means I’m no closer to achieving the 16th item on my 30 Before 30 list.  But with plenty of celebrations on the horizon, I’m sure I won’t be down too long. :)


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“Time Flies” Airplane-Themed First Birthday Party

Last week I had to give you a sneak peak of this first birthday party I decorated for one airplane-loving toddler.

This may be the most adorable pilot the world’s ever seen – so it was my job to make sure his party was as smashing as he is!

The invites, photographed and designed by the birthday boy’s mom, set the “Time Flies” theme for his birthday.

The birthday boy came ready to party in his aviator outfit and he invited his friends to do the same.  (It was, after all, the day for trick or treating!)

Even Weston’s parents came in aviator gear.  His Mom was a striking Amelia Earhart and his Dad was one killer Ice Man from Top Gun.

For those adults that didn’t dress up (myself included) I provided TSA agent lanyards.

Upon entering, guests were instructed to fasten their seat belts for this rockin’ party!

A photo of Weston awaited his guests in the entry way.

Guests were also able to quickly check their “baggage.”

The paper products for the party used the same map-style paper from the local scrapbook store.

I designed one of the tables using salt and pepper shakers from the dollar store.

For the cake table, I made paper airplanes that hung alongside tissue pom pom clouds.  (I’ll know next time to hang the airplanes closer toward the back so they hang level. Who knew?)

I made the cake stand from boxes wrapped in packing paper and tied with baking twine.  I offered peanuts in both the roasted and salted varieties.

The cupcakes were delicious! These clever cooks used an Oreo cookie in the bottom of each cupcake liner.

I incorporated the theme on the straw flags.  These straws are my absolute favorite.

I also used paper airplanes for other table decor.  (By the way, paper airplanes are not easy to make!)

I hung several vintage travel posters for New Zealand, where the birthday boy’s grandparents are from.

I also created a photo booth that was intended to look like an airplane.

Each child received a wooden kit to make and paint their own airplane.  I displayed each favor in sacks adorned with vintage travel labels.  I lined them up in old suitcases I bought from the thrift store.

I think the birthday boy had a good time!


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Choosing a Front Door Color

I may have over thought the paint color of our front door.  Here it is when Doug was installing it:

It was primed and ready for a splash of color.  But what color?

We came down to three finalists: navy blue, black and sage green.  I felt like sage green was the least formal and the most “homey” of the options.  So Doug set to painting.

The door is fully installed and we intend to paint the wrought iron black.  What do you think about the door color against the red brick?  Frankly, I have my doubts.

What color is your front door?

P.S. Wouldn’t a sconce look fantastic on the right side of the door?  Ooooh. Ahhh.


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Sneak Preview: “Time Flies” Airplane 1st Birthday Party

This past weekend I had the privilege of throwing an airplane-themed first birthday party.  Pictures are coming but I couldn’t contain my excitement!  So in the mean time, salivate over these clever invites created by my favorite photographer, who just happens to be the birthday boy’s mom.

Feast your eyes on this masterpiece!

Could this boy be any more adorable?  Stay tuned for all the fun details!


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