Living in High Gloss: Hiding TV Cables

While we are super happy with the way our finished fireplace looks, we have a long way to go to finish implementing our Living in High Gloss plan for the living room.

The mantel, the tile, the hearth – it’s all perfect.  Sometimes we catch it in the corner of our eye and think we’re in the wrong house!  But as stunning as it is, it’s a bit of an eyesore to see the cords from the TV, Tivo, and the Wii hanging from the top of the mantel to the outlet on the bottom of the wall.   Unsightly indeed.

Much research ensued and when I had exhausted all resources I bought these Hol boxes from Ikea.

The square holes of the Hol box are wide enough that television cords can fit through.  I stacked one on top of another so that the top box reached about midway up the wall.  Our Wii and cable boxes are stashed inside.

Next, Doug made the cords as flat as he could against the mantel and used black tape to hold them flat.  You can only see the small bulge when you are up close and personal.

It was a little more tricky to keep the cords flat against the mantel as they curved around its side and down toward the floor.  But Doug is the master of all things tricky and now you can hardly tell they are there.

The best part? Our remote controls access the boxes inside with no problems!

Do you try to hide your television cables? If so, have you had any luck?

Stay tuned for our next step in our living room redesign!



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2 responses to “Living in High Gloss: Hiding TV Cables

  1. Mom

    That is so very chic! Cleverly chic I might add, can’t wait till the next reveal and I think a bold color on that wall my just be a pop you would like ;)

  2. I can’t believe you didn’t tell me you started a blog! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! I honestly started reading and was like what? This is my tasha? The parties, the home decor, more parties, a garden? WHAT!?!? So, I archived and went to your very first post. It all makes sense now. I not only love seeing what you’re up to, but I love reading your writing. I am glad things are on the up and up and I would love to chat with you soon… between jobs I read? Anyway, love your guts!

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