DIY $5 Fall Wreath

I’ve never thought much about wreaths.  I have one for Christmas but otherwise the only time I think about wreaths is when I am teasing my BFF for hanging them by season in matching plastic bags in her ridiculously-organized garage.

But with all the DIYing in the air, I’ve seen a lot of really pretty wreaths on the net.  I tried to find the perfect one for us but have only found overpriced, overly-fake wreaths in the stores.

With a quick slap on the wrist, I reminded myself that no respectable DIYer would merely purchase a wreath. I set out to make my own – and on the cheap.

I started with a $1 Christmas wreath from the thrift store.

I cut all the pine twigs and ribbons off the wreath so that I had the bare frame of the wreath.

I love that the wreath looks like real twigs so I didn’t feel like I needed to cover the thing in its entirety. I purchased four floral stems from the craft store, each for $1.  Having never done this sort of thing, I just stuffed them in where I thought they looked okay.

I am satisfied with the final product and I learned that the thrift store is a fantastic place to buy wreaths if the decor can be easily removed.

Besides my BFF, who else has a fall wreath?



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13 responses to “DIY $5 Fall Wreath

  1. Lauren

    I’m one of those seasonal girls…right now we have a wood bat hanging on our door… :)

  2. love the way it turned out! I’m jealous of Lori’s organized garage and individualized wreath bags! Mine are in a pile in my basement…

  3. Lori

    Ha ha! I appreciate the shout-out…even if you were mocking me a bit! ;) I tell ya, wreaths are addicting, once you get started there’s no going back. I know I’m going to come over to your house now and you’ll have your own collection of wreaths!! :)

  4. Lori

    Oh and by the way, the wreath is super cute! Just think of all the DIY projects you can do! A wreath for every season! ;)

  5. Dorothy

    GUILTY! I also love to hang a door wreath. The one I have now was just a plain twig wreath but I bought a garland which had autumn leaves, cut it apart and just slipped the leaves in between the twigs and tied a rafia bow which is attached to the bottom and the ends hang down to create a nice effect. I also do a red- white- and blue one for summer and of course a Christmas one.

  6. Ha ha Lori and her wreaths are so funny!

  7. Mom

    I love wreaths, but I feel I can’t put one on the front door because it is glass, well partial glass so I think it might look funny. But I so love them! Very festive for any holiday or season!

    • Well mine is partial glass, too. It gave me pause, but only for a minute. Then I just decided that the costs of a colorless door was far outweighed by the happy colors I’ll see every day when I come home!

      Does anyone else have a glass door? How do you use wreaths?

  8. Beautiful job! I love DIY wreaths – much less expensive (especially when you can score materials like you did) and they always turn out pretty than the store bought ones + they’re unique. Yours looks perfect for fall! Love it!

  9. Those fuzzy flowers were cute, huh?

    Way to go for tackling it yourself. I felt a bit overwhelmed when I had to choose what to put on the wreath but once I started sticking all the stuff on, it was easy peasy.

    Yours turned out really nice! :)

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