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Rock the Vote!

Yes, it’s been a crazy week with four parties to attend this weekend – one of which I’m decorating!

But before I can reveal this weekend’s party – don’t forget to vote!  Doug and I are one of the top ten finalists to receive $2,500 to redesign our basement!  Click below to rock the vote!




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Breaking News: SOS Contest Finalists

Breaking! This just in!

Not too long ago I entered our basement in the True Value SOS Design Contest.  True Value will award $2,500 to the person with the worst design dilemma. Our design dilemma is the finished portion of our basement where Doug works.  Frankly, it’s a well-kept secret because I won’t let anyone go downstairs!

Somehow, we made it into the top ten finalists!  We need the most votes to win.  So go view our entry and vote for our design dilemma here! You can vote every day until November 5!

Stay tuned for more information about the space and our hopes for its future!


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Living in High Gloss: Hiding TV Cables

While we are super happy with the way our finished fireplace looks, we have a long way to go to finish implementing our Living in High Gloss plan for the living room.

The mantel, the tile, the hearth – it’s all perfect.  Sometimes we catch it in the corner of our eye and think we’re in the wrong house!  But as stunning as it is, it’s a bit of an eyesore to see the cords from the TV, Tivo, and the Wii hanging from the top of the mantel to the outlet on the bottom of the wall.   Unsightly indeed.

Much research ensued and when I had exhausted all resources I bought these Hol boxes from Ikea.

The square holes of the Hol box are wide enough that television cords can fit through.  I stacked one on top of another so that the top box reached about midway up the wall.  Our Wii and cable boxes are stashed inside.

Next, Doug made the cords as flat as he could against the mantel and used black tape to hold them flat.  You can only see the small bulge when you are up close and personal.

It was a little more tricky to keep the cords flat against the mantel as they curved around its side and down toward the floor.  But Doug is the master of all things tricky and now you can hardly tell they are there.

The best part? Our remote controls access the boxes inside with no problems!

Do you try to hide your television cables? If so, have you had any luck?

Stay tuned for our next step in our living room redesign!


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The Result of Our Garlic Harvest

Last week I was already making dinner when I realized my garlic had gone bad.  (That’s what happens when you never cook.)   Before I could bolt to the grocery store, Doug reminded me that we had garlic in the garden that should probably come out anyway.

Here’s how we found it.

There was no time for researching whether the garlic was ready to dig up.  The weather, the sunshine, the happiness of summer – it’s all gone.  More importantly – dinner was on the line.  So we dug first and researched later.

Post-research, I now know that the leaves will brown and dry up when garlic is mature.  Clearly, our little garlic cloves were not ready for harvest.  But here’s how they looked:

I also learned that garlic is meant to be planted in the fall and harvested in the late spring.  I just informed Doug and he said “oh really?”

Apparently we plant first and think later.

Eager to make my meal, I washed the garlic and set it out to dry.  This was also a mistake,  as the bulbs should be hung up in a cool, dry place for about a week before they’re washed.  (Luckily I left them out to dry for several days post-wash. We’ll see what happens.)

My dinner was quite tasty but I don’t know what role the garlic actually played.  Doug’s new goal is to get some in the ground asap as it is, ahem, fall.

Any garlic growers out there?

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Extraordinary Uses for Ordinary Objects

I hope this post encourages you to see things in a new way.  I’ve been trying to do just that with my new office. This is one of its sad, sad corners.   (Stay tuned, soon I’ll show all the improvements!)

What do you see?

I see bulky grandpa-style chairs taking up far too much space in such a small area.

But my friend Becca, a photographer, saw huge potential in those old worn chairs.  (Remember Becca?  I painted a chair for her use during an engagement photo shoot.)

Here’s what she saw . . .

Beautiful, right?

What object have you turned from ordinary to extraordinary?


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Seeking support for my pumpkin problem

Hello.  My name is Tasha and I have a pumpkin problem.

Specifically, the pumpkin problem is that we have no pumpkins.  We have feet and feet and feet of pumpkin vines, none of which have born fruit.

I believe this discoloration is at least part of the problem.

I’m pretty sure this could have something to do with it, too….

Who can help me with my pumpkin problem?

We’re lucky that there is a silver lining amidst all this despair.  We have one hope for a Halloween pumpkin.  It’s about the size of a tennis ball.

With only a few weeks before Halloween, I think we’ll be harvesting our pumpkins from our local grocer.

Anyone with pumpkin experience?


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DIY Cake Stand for Under $5

I’m throwing a Hannah Montana rock star party for a group of seven year olds.

Go ahead and really marinate in that.

Now that you’ve gotten past the initial shock, let me convince you that this party can have a healthy dose of pink without being nauseating.  But don’t take my word for it! Check back soon for the final details.

In the meantime, let me show you one way that I will incorporate pink in a cheap, trendy way: cake stands.  You can’t find any pink cake stands or other displays without spending a fortune.  But you can create your own for just pennies.

Start with a plate from the thrift store.  Mine cost .50 cents.  Measure the width both ways to find the center of the plate.  We marked the center with a dry erase marker.

While you’re at the thrift store, pick up a candle stick holder.  I chose two of these – a green one and a purple one.

Using gorilla glue, spread a thin line of glue on the rim of the candlestick holder.  Press the candlestick holder on the plate so that the candlestick holder is centered over your center mark.

Yes, that is not me applying the Gorilla Glue.  I don’t think Doug trusts me with strong adhesives.

When the glue is dry, apply a coat of primer.  (Just to be safe, I applied two coats.)  Then spray paint the stand with the color of your choice.

I’m thrilled with the final product.

Cost breakdown for two cake stands:

  • 2 plates at .50 cents each: $1
  • 2 candlesticks at $1 each: $2

Total cost? $3, not including paint.

Stay tuned to see the cake stand debut at this crazy party!


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