Tip Jar: Storing Laundry Projects

Do you know those sticky drips that run down the side of  the laundry detergent bottles?  They really irk me.

My solution?

I purchase plastic saucers meant to catch extra water from your indoor plants.  They keep those sticky drips off your washer and dryer.

Many of you have suggested excellent tips for the tip jar but I haven’t seen one! Send them my way!



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3 responses to “Tip Jar: Storing Laundry Projects

  1. Mom

    A mini drip pan :)

  2. Dorothy

    I fold a paper towel in about thirds, and wrap it around the middle of my bottle of liquid vegetable oil, hold it on with an elastic. This catches any drips and keeps the shelf clean with out taking up any extra room.

  3. Mom

    That is a great idea Dorothy and so simple.

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