Fresh Flower Arrangement No. 3

I’ve been trying to incorporate fresh flowers into our decor but I have no idea how to arrange flowers in a vase.  My solution? Single bud vases – there’s no thinking necessary.  I’ve put buds in super cheap vases from IKEA and in an antique decanter.

So although I’m not a huge fan of roses, it was only natural that I bring some in from our four rose bushes.  To do it on the cheap, I found these vases at the thrift store – three for $1.

Simple way to spice up the coffee table for a week!

What will I do in the fall when there are no more fresh flowers?



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3 responses to “Fresh Flower Arrangement No. 3

  1. Mom

    Oh so pertty , I am sure the smell is wonderful :)

  2. Mom

    Oops, I meant pretty!

  3. Gregorio Moistner

    i love the smell of fresh flowers, they are really soothing.^

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