Living in High Gloss: Finished Fireplace

We needed some professional help decorating our living room.  We were super lucky when my favorite bloggers answered our question in DIY Magazine.

One of the critical elements, in our eyes, was the fireplace.  Here was the sad little fireplace before the project.

In case you missed it, we really jump started the project when we found the perfect mantel.  Once the mantel was finished we made a fireplace hearth from slate.  We were thrilled with the look after we tiled the surround.

The outside looked perfect – but it was time to shine up its inner beauty. Doug (poor guy) cleaned the fireplace out before he painted with high heat black paint.

With that, the fireplace was done.  Hip hip hooray!

Sure, the fireplace is finished, but the high gloss plan isn’t complete!  Stay tuned!

P.S. One day we will run gas into it, but for now we’re just fine with regular ole’ logs.



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14 responses to “Living in High Gloss: Finished Fireplace

  1. Mom

    That is a beautiful transformation. Love the slate, love the tiles so pretty! I am sure you are both enjoying the finished result!

  2. Hailey

    Oh, I likey! Can’t wait to see your complete ‘high gloss vision’!

  3. Lauren

    Where does one get high heat black paint? We need to repaint some gaudy gold slates we have on our fireplace. Is it expensive?

  4. Lori

    Looks so good! Great job! And it’s almost that time of year when you can enjoy a fire in your beautiful fireplace!

  5. Dorothy

    You have done a great job. That is quite a change. Is there nothing you can’t do? :)

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  12. Jennifer Goldman

    Beautiful job. We were putting the slate up but love your idea of the glass tiles on the vertical and slate on the floor.

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