Lil’ Sunshine Baby Shower Brunch

Last weekend I had the privilege of decorating a brunch celebrating the upcoming birth of my newest nephew.  I was very inspired by a “My Little Sunshine” baby shower on Hostess with the Mostess.

Our celebration was not a typical baby shower – it was a family brunch with only a few gifts.  In addition, it is my brother and sister-in-law’s fourth child and I didn’t want my other three nieces and nephews to feel any less wanted.  For that reason, I tweaked the theme to “Our Lil’ Sunshines.” (Read: plural sunshines.)

Before I delve into the details, let me give you an overview of my second ever dessert table.  (The first was at my niece’s Alvin and the Chipmunks party.)

Isn’t all that sunshine happy and uplifting?

We ate at three dining tables with coordinating yellow flower arrangements.  (The flowers are fakes I bought for half off at Hobby Lobby.  Love that Hobby Lobby!)

The placemats are individual pieces of paper (already scalloped) that I bought at the scrapbook store.  It was perfect!

On the food table, I displayed photos of each of the four kids (with a cartoon baby in the fourth frame) in matching dollar store frames with yellow scrapbook paper for matting.

Pardon the flash.

I mimicked an orange tier I saw somewhere online.  I would have loved to have another cake plate to display it on, but since I didn’t I used a white ceramic pie plate.

To hang the banner over the dessert table, I painted two regular old wood poles to flank either side of the table.  I made a banner out of scrapbook paper that coordinated with the other accents.

I stacked two different cake stands on top of a box wrapped in yellow wrapping paper for the centerpiece.  I purchased sunflower cupcakes and displayed them on the cake stands. (I also put a little bee on the corner just for kicks.)

Do you remember my love for spider mums?  I was really happy to find some yellow spider mums to display on the left side of the table.  The name of the flowers on the right will remain nameless because, well, I have forgotten their name.

As you might expect, I used lots of yellow candy.  Thankfully I found many options at the dollar store.  In the candy jars I used lemon heads and butterscotch candies.

I also displayed Martinelli’s sparkling cider for toasting.

In the front, I wrapped yellow taffy in individual cellophane bags.  I created tags from the template I found here.  With two hole punches and a short piece of orange ribbon, the bags were perfect to bring some color to the table.

On the right side, I displayed rock candy and yellow star-shaped suckers in votive candle vases I found from the dollar store.  (I used dollar-store lemonade candies to fill the vases and hold the stuff up.)

The three kids received Toy Story sun catchers from the dollar store that they painted immediately.

My sister-in-law sat in the chair of honor.

I was really, really happy with the way this party turned out!  I can’t hardly wait for the new lil’ guy to be born any day now.  I wonder how my oldest nephews are holding out on the wait – after all, they’re very eager to train their new “apprentice.”

Here’s to a smooth birth and a healthy baby boy!



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11 responses to “Lil’ Sunshine Baby Shower Brunch

  1. Mom

    You Tasha have got a knack, that was the most adorable party :) You need to start up a business with all that talent. So creative loved it all.

  2. Lauren

    Can I be your business partner!? What a great job Tash! Love love love it!

  3. What a gorgeous party! I’m founder of I’d love to feature your party on our homepage in our Party of the Day. Email me at if you are interested. Again, beautiful job!

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  5. Cute shower Tasha! Congrats on being featured!

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  10. So cute! Here’s another “You Are my Sunshine” party idea:

    These greeting cards would make adorable invitations! You could have the party info printed on the inside, since the cards are customizable. Then you could get a matching poster too…

    You Are My Sunshine Greeting Card:
    Matching Posters:

  11. Mary Melsa

    Looking for “Our Little Sunshine” baby gifts/ideas.
    Our little Ella Eilene was born May 24, 2015 at 27 4/7 weeks gestation, 2.3 pounds…and although there have been “touch and go” moments, she now weighs 5 lbs. and is hoping to leave the hospital within a few weeks. Our communication theme with Care Pages has been “Our Little Sunshine” so would like to find gifts, party items, etc. with this theme.
    Would appreciate your thoughts/ideas.
    …Great Aunt Mary

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