Living in High Gloss

Maybe I never told you, but we’re kind of a big deal.

Our living room (and its lack of style) was featured in the Spring 2010 edition of “Do it Yourself” magazine.  You see, one of the magazine’s regular columns, called He Said/She Said, is written by my favorite blogging duo, John and Sherry at Young House Love. When they sent out a request for home design quandries that you and your spouse disagree about, I eagerly sent in our letter.

You’ve all heard me complain about how our front door doesn’t face the street.  The door’s placement creates a ridiculously long and narrow living room.  I wanted to split the living room into a dining room and a living room.  Although Doug wasn’t terribly opposed, he wasn’t thrilled about the idea of losing any leg room during a movie marathon.

Here are the images we submitted to the magazine.  This is our living room as you walk in the door:

And this is a view from the opposite angle:

There is oodles of space behind that chair and the wall.  Just wasted ole space.

We had no idea that they took on our letter until we saw their response when the magazine hit newsstands! (Click on the image and it should let you zoom in on their response.)

You can also see the magazine images on John and Sherry’s website here.

We both loved their suggestions!  Although it’s taken some time to get us going, we’re finally implementing their recommendations. And that means we get to reveal them to you as they progress!

So tell us what you think about John and Sherry’s proposal? Any ideas of your own for us?

Want to see our progress so far? Click here to see the mantel we chose, click here to see hearth we created, click here to see how we tiled the surround, and click here for the final project!



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9 responses to “Living in High Gloss

  1. Mom

    I can’t wait to see the finish! I think the round tables are key. You haven’t mentioned paint? Are you changing any of the wall colors?

  2. Super cool. What of it are you implementing. I have not spatial awareness, so am totally useless at this type of arrangement game–which is why my house looks the way that it does.

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